Gay Cravat

I know…you’re gonna scream if you have to look at one more picture from the garden…so go on then…scream.


When I took the photo of the day lily for last Phriday’s post, there was only one of my favorite day lilies in the picture. Two day’s later the plant erupted with blooms. It’s called the Gay Cravat and I guess you could call it a screamer too.

Gay Cravat.jpg

I love it’s peachy goodness!

Okay, I’ll try to stop with the flower pics for a while.


6 responses to “Gay Cravat

  1. i like the scream!

  2. lazybythelake

    i like flower pics. don’t stop.

  3. Like them all! DON’T STOP! You should take your camera everywhere, Mr. Multitalent.

  4. Never tired of gardening posts nor pictures: more! more! more!

  5. don’t stop with the flower pics. those are gorgeous and i’ve been thinking i need to get out the camera for my daylilies; alas they’re gone. so seeing yours is like reliving my own garden. more garden photos. always garden photos. flowers. gardens. the best.

  6. DON’T STOP!!! Of course you’ve seen my blog, so you know I’m a garden whore, but keep it up anyway.

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