Alcohol and skateboards don’t mix!


And…I have a ligament or potentially torn meniscus that will remind me of that fact for the next week…or longer. Still…it’s better than the hell that was last week…and a fun start to a great weekend. Let me download the pics and I’ll fill you in.


8 responses to “Ouch!

  1. OUCH! I am kissing your knee to make it all better. I made the same mistake (sans booze) and ended up severely injuring my left ankle. Hope you mend well without needing surgery!

  2. Yikes! That looks and sounds painful!

  3. Nice! I have one of those, but mine is from snowboarding into a boulder.

  4. that looks ugly
    i’d have it removed

  5. Tater – Oooh! Of course… The Tubes’ “Don’t Touch Me There” just popped into my head. I swear my life can be reduced to a serious of lyrics. I’m so shallow!

    Diamond – It’s actually much better today which is promising at my age. 😉

    Tonka – And I thought I’d like to learn to snowboard. Maybe I should stick to water ski’s.

    Spo – I would but I like walking. I think I’ll simply succumb to your gin & tonic, lay by the pool approach. It seems to have worked for you!

  6. By the way, besides the unsightly gangrene-prone cut; you have nice legs 🙂

  7. skate tough or go home. thats what we used to say.

  8. oh OUCH! shit that hurts!!

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