Summer’s Bounty

Friday night’s little skateboard exercise really wasn’t all that bad. Aside from rendering me a bit gimpy on Saturday I was still able to take the boys to the river.


Then make a stop at the local grower for some apricots followed by a visit to a nearby orchard to pick peaches.

Sunday was overcast and ugly so we turned this…


…into this…


…with a simple wave of our wands. There must have been some magic involved because we ended up with 48 jars, about a dozen more than expected.

Between batches of jam I noticed his pretty lady out in the yard with a her fawn.


I couldn’t get a shot of the fawn but Mark said s/he still had spots.

Monday evening while Mark was at the neighbors swimming I pulled out the box of peaches and threw together a pie. I’ve never actually made a peach pie before and it didn’t seem to be browning properly and the dough looked like it was melting. I was pretty annoyed knowing the dough would be tough and chewy but when I finally pulled this beauty from the oven…


…it was pure flaky goodness, even if it didn’t look pretty. (I need to work on my edges)

Yep, it was a great weekend, and with warm weather and no rain, there’s no better way to spend the weekend than putzing around enjoying the treats summer has to offer.

8 responses to “Summer’s Bounty

  1. You neglected to mention that the Apricot Jam session continued until 2200 hours ! It was a long afternoon………. But on the counterpoint, the enjoyment, yes, ALL winter opening jars of Apricot Jam will be nice to enjoy the rewards of that jam session.

  2. Sigh. How would you all feel about adopting a slightly scruffy 41 year old? I am housebroken and play well with others, and could subsist on pie and jam.

  3. you two must have impressive wands!

  4. tater – Do you do windows?

    Spo – Oh…if you only knew! Okay…I just finished the last Harry Potter and have wand envy.

  5. I said “scruffy” not submissive, but that being said, are your windows hung?

  6. i. LOVE. pie.

  7. well thank god for the gays, else jam-making would simply fall by the wayside. i am so grateful that all of you jelly-making boys are upholding standards. good for you!!

  8. Ohhhhhhh, I am so jealous. I want apricot jam, NOW!!!

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