I realized just this morning that I trim the hair in my nose more frequently than the hair on my head.


5 responses to “Revelation

  1. Don’t remind me! I finally broke down and bought one of those “personal grooming” gizmo’s. You know the one you use to trim the hair in your nose and ears. Don’t even get me started about the ear hair. Christ, if I let it go I could start braiding it and have pigtails.

  2. Welcome to my world.

  3. and i am greying in the nose and ear hair too. jeesh. did you know that a grey nose hair makes people think you have a booger. jeesh.

  4. by the way: is it ‘grey’ or ‘gray’? or should i just say ‘hoary’ to avoid the conundrum altogether?

  5. hahaha! and oh! hoary! one of my favorite words!

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