All Better

Okay, I feel a lot better now. The Simpson’s movie was hysterical and attending the first showing of the day we had our choice of seats. There was a total of eight people in the entire theater and not one of them had their cell phone on. Either that or they were all terribly unpopular.

I haven’t been to a movie theater in a while and was really surprised to see how much advertising they had for television shows. We arrived earlier than expected and now know about every show that will air on TNT next season. These aren’t just ads either, they’re like mini “making of” documentaries. I’m probably not telling you anything new since you’re probably not the hermit I am but now I’m beginning to see what’s attributed to my hermitism. (new word!) I’m going back to waiting for the DVD’s that I can watch at home, sans advertising.

Good news: The big guy is at a conference in Malaysia until the middle of next week which takes all the stress out of my work day. I spent the morning sipping my latte and reading the news while giving myself a manicure…in his office. I love it when he travels! Of course that took all of fifteen minutes and I was back to work for an hour or two before running off to lunch with some colleagues. Did I say how much I love it when the big guy travels?

I received another bit of good news yesterday that further lifted my spirits. My alcoholic sister will not be bringing my alcoholic father to visit this month. I’m not sure exactly why she’s changed her mind since she mentioned it to my aunt as recently two months ago. Maybe she realized she hadn’t yet asked if I’d be home or maybe she simply forgot. Alcohol will do that to you. Of course…she may remember again when she pours another quart of rum into her coke so I can’t fully relax for another three weeks. You see…dad hates cool weather and will only visit in August so I’m nearly off the hook, until next year. (Note to self: Plan long vacation for August 2008)

Now to find something to do for the weekend. I’m feeling travelly.


4 responses to “All Better

  1. why not come to Stratford Ontario next year 2008? they have marvelous theatre and the doughnuts are to die for.

  2. Or get your tushie down to SoCal for a visit next summer…or maybe that might be out to Chicago should I opt to move. Have a great weekend!

  3. I haven’t seen the Simpson movie yet, and will probably just wait to rent it. I am glad your boss is away, and you get to relax and manage your own time. Life being “managed” can be really soul killing. I never knew your sis and pops were fellow drunks, I learn something new about you every time you blog! sorry they haven’t decided to combat their disease, but then most don’t… Hope your week rocks!

  4. sorry to hear about your dad and sister. what sadness.

    isn’t it funny how it can be so much fun to be alone when partnered up with a dearly beloved? i love mike to pieces and i cherish the times he’s gone 🙂

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