Phun Photo Phriday


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5 responses to “Phun Photo Phriday

  1. Why am I not surprised his clipboard has a big marijuana leaf on it?

  2. Hey… whatever works! haha

  3. damn, everything he needs . . . conveyance, comfort accessories, dog and marijuana bible. life is good 😉

  4. This photo wasn’t so fun for me. I am now worried sick about the poor dog. Hope he has had a decent life, and that his owner has treated him well.

  5. tater – The dog was actually well fed and in good health. This guy is collecting signatures on petitions for a living and although he may not have a real house, he’s nice, clean and well spoken.

    His dog is very happy running around all day and is a greeter of sorts getting a lot of attention from the folks they approach. I know many people with dogs that are locked up in the garage or the house all day and this pup has it far better.

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