Daily Archives: August 13, 2007

Knit-a-little, Split-a-little

In an attempt to retain my gay card during the sports heavy fall, I’ve succumbed to the requests of some colleagues and joined the Neurotrans-Knitters. Yes, I know…that’s soooo gay! I myself have informed many a friend, upon hearing they knit, just how gay it really is.

Wanna know what’s even more gay? I was splitting wood yesterday afternoon (after having spent the previous 2 hours knitting and watching tennis) and a song popped into my head. I couldn’t resist singing it aloud for Mark…“Knit-a-little, split-a-little, knit-a-little, split-a-little, knit, knit, split” and he did…he split…he turned on a dime and walked away while muttering under his breath…”that is soooo gay”.

Between the knitting and creating new lyrics for old show tunes I should have a good year or two of watching sports and happily not listening to Madonna and Cher before I have to worry about my gay card again.

I’m just sayin’.