Through gray skies and rain…these have offered a touch of sunshine.



I’m still hoping for some semblance of summer.


13 responses to “Sunshine

  1. Gorgeous Oriental lilies. Mine have just about finished up. My perennial garden has entered the August doldrums. Not much in bloom at the moment.

  2. Gosh Rodg,
    Has the weather been that crappy this summer up in Oregon. Hell, we’re having 90-100+ degree weather here in SoCal today. Pool action baby!

  3. Those are really gorgeous pics!

  4. PS: was looking at your dog pics — is your canine buddy a Chessie? He’s beautiful! I have a black labradog — he looks very lab like and is brilliant, but his coat is wavy on top, and a bit longer than a lab. He’s either a Newfador or a Chesador. Anyway, really great looking dog you’ve got there.

  5. oooooooooh the orientals! i can smell them from here!!! gorgeous.

  6. very pretty! I will be e-mailing you the photo of that throw I mentioned, when I get home tonight.

  7. Doug – At 1000 feet we run late on all the blooms. Of course this lousy weather hasn’t helped.

    Tony – Yes…we get a couple nice days then a few gray days. Today they’re forecasting rain again. This is the worst summer since I moved here.

    MC – Thanks and thanks! You’re right on…Mac is a Chessie and he’s a bit touched. Damn purebreds are a little off in the head. Our last one was great but this guy is afraid of his own shadow and has separation anxiety disorder.

    Lynette – I wouldn’t doubt it. I swear I can smell them down the street.

    tater – Looking forward to it. I think it will be a while before I get past scarf mode but it is fun.

  8. I smell a big ole gurly stitch and bitch session brewing Rog. I’ll bring home made ice cream if you supply the pie.

  9. tater – More than you know…it seems a certain evil ganome could teach us a thing or two. Check out his comment on the previous post.

  10. Beautiful flowers. And yeah, I’ve been hearing from my buds that the Northwest has had a lousy Summer (well, in Seattle; I know they have).

  11. lovely photos
    i have missed reading you; I am glad to be back home and on line.

  12. rd, you okay over there? missed friday pictures. i just posted a planting plan for the front yard at thanksforlooking. hoping you might see it and give me even more ideas. when you have the time of course. all my best, lazybythelake

  13. *knock knock* Is any one there? Rooooodgerrrr, come out and pla- yaaaaaa!

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