Going Down


After working Saturday I was sure that hazy glow in the distance was light…but within an hour of arriving at the office today I realized it was an hallucination.

I don’t know who designed the software for these electronic grant submissions but I wish they had actually put together a grant before creating the program. I don’t have a problem with the fact that I’m limited in the amount of data I can uplaod but could you maybe give me an actual number?

Oh….and maybe some support that has actually used the program and can find out why I’m getting an error as opposed to telling me to try another (untested) approach “and if that doesn’t work, I don’t know what to tell you.”

Excuse me?

I have a deadline, you’re supposed to help me meet that deadline. I have done everything I can possibly do to reduce the size of the grant, including deleting appendices and reworking the documents to remove or change references to said appendices, and you don’t know what to tell me. Brilliant!

Thank Goddess I worked the past two weekends to get this together for early submission or the deadline would have long passed. I still have a few days to get this off but based on the past couple weeks, I’m getting very concerned, and nervous. I’m sure it will get in on time but the process is terribly trying. It shouldn’t be this hard once the writing is complete. Keep your fingers crossed.

In other news…I was able to enjoy some downtime yesterday and took the dog and his buddy to the river for a swim. I also made it to the Tomato Festival the previous weekend (on my way into the office) so I do have some positive things to blog about. I’ve even had a few minutes here and there to try and catch up with the blogroll so, maybe that wasn’t an hallucination after all and I’ll soon be emerging from this darkness.

Oh…and did I mention the shopping in Seattle a few weeks ago?



…who could resist?


8 responses to “Going Down

  1. hallucinations can be fun filled and jam packed.
    betterthan reality at times…

  2. Oh, I’ll give you some LUBES! LMAO! I sure hope things fall smoothly into place…i’m sure they will. Missing your more frequent postings but then again I understand. I’m slowing down these days as work and other elements are kicking into place. Yikes.

  3. pureedge & grants.gov? if so, i feel you pain & will keep my fingers crossed for you.

  4. Ugh. You are bringing back unpleasant memories of our recent NSF grant application. You definitely have my sympathy on this one. In my experience, these do seem to fall together, typically at the last minute. Good luck.

  5. Good luck! My buddy Monkey spends far to much of his time dealing with NSF proposals and I hear all about the insane guidelines set down by the bureaucrats. I have my fingers crossed for you.

  6. Sorry it’s been so rough on you the last few weeks. Hope you have some down time soon to work in your yard, play with your pup, and your hubby, and eat delicious food. Cheers!

  7. Ha– I thought I recognized the Seattle shot! Nice.

  8. damn, and i was thinking about going back to work for a while. thanks for the smack upside the head.

    hope you’re through with this shite soon. what a complete and utter drag.

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