Teddy Bears!

My favorite of the sunflowers, Helianthus annus ‘Teddy Bear’, has finally decided to make their appearance in the garden.

Teddy Bear.JPG

I’m not sure why this flower is so appealing to me but I just love them. From bud to bloom they are exquisite.


I finally had some down time tonight and spent it in the garden and kitchen. I visited the flowers, took a few pics…


…and made fresh salsa with all home grown ingredients. This is what summer is all about and the weather is so perfect it’s as if all those cool, rainy days never happened. I sure hope this lasts a bit longer…I’m not ready for the rainy season…yet.


7 responses to “Teddy Bears!

  1. Those flowers are lovely! How fun! I love sunflowers, but those really take the cake. Sunshine on a stem.

    (I want to know what’s up with that leg, kicking into the picture…)

  2. WOW. I have to get up there and visit. You have to have an amazing garden based on all the photos you take. some of the flora is breath-taking.

  3. Very easy on the eyes. I like the name too! Reminds me of summer tours, sunshine, dancing, laughing, and giving up my grip on the straight and narrow world. I’m sure you of all people know exactly what I mean.

  4. I will have to look into those for next years garden. What great blooms! I love the shaggy heads on them. I tend to love sunflowers anyway, but those look like a nice addition to the annual beds. Great pictures too. We’re heading towards the cold months here, pretty soon everything will be brown and gray. But, that’s one of the things that makes it exciting to garden, watching everything come back in the spring.

  5. MC – I first found these beauties up your way while at the Pike Street Market and have grown them ever since. The leg you noticed is a wooden artists model. It’s sitting on the speaker next to another sunflower in a vase. For some odd reason I liked the photo and had to include it.

    Tony1 – It’s about time for everything to finish up…you’ll have to plan a trip for next summer.

    tater – I certainly do brother and MC’s comment sent strains of Sunshine Daydream running through my head. I miss summer tour.

    Tony2 – They’re prolific bloomers (heh heh, I said bloomers) and great cut flowers too. I do agree about the gardening…I never caught the bug until I left CA and experienced 4 seasons. And..we do still get to enjoy the beauty of Autumn.

  6. what beautiful puffs of gold! i’ve seen Teddy Bear in the seed catalogs; never grew him. guess i’ll have to when i complete my garden revision: cutting garden in my two south side beds and sunflowers will be perfect. lovely.

    so happy y’all are getting some good weather to balance out your suffering earlier this summer.

  7. i miss growing sunflowers; they were some of my favorites;
    go to Seed Savers, in Iowa for some spendid sunflowers for next year.

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