Flock & Fiber Fest

I mentioned taking up knitting a while back and since then I’ve made two scarves, a bandana for my dog and a baby hat. I’ve also frogged enough knitting to have made an additional 3 scarves, a sweater and a couple hats. So I’m a slow learner, bite me.

My first scarf has numerous flaws but it’s spectacular and I own the flaws.

(Keep your day job Rodger)

The bandana for Mac was next as an exercise in increasing.

When Mark found out I was making something for the dog, he asked what I was going to make for him. Since he wasn’t interested in a bandana I offered up a scarf. That seemed to satisfy him but I think he was worried I’d choose a yarn like the one I used for mine which looks like tie dye.

I decided to make him a bulky scarf with big masculine stitches and I like it better than mine.

(at least find another background!)

In fact, a little secret? I covet his scarf and wear it when he’s not around. Yeah, I know, it’s 75 degrees outside, alpaca and wool are so not appropriate. Not to mention that Goddess doesn’t like people who covet so I really need to work on that. Soon.

This past weekend, with everything at work finally calming down, Mark and I met the Neurotrans-Knitters at the Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival.


The place was packed with everything from yaks and chinchillas to camels…

…and really obsessed knitters, dyers, spinners and felters. The yarns were spectacular and ya’ know what?

I. Am. So. Over. His. Scarf!

I found the most beautiful, soft, earthy alpaca yarn for me. I tell ya’ this bitch is gonna be styling this winter. You’re all gonna covet my…whatever I make. Well, except tater and a certain Evil Ganome.

Damn, I wish I were heading to Boston next month…I could learn from the best!


14 responses to “Flock & Fiber Fest

  1. Hmmmm. Creative outlets are a wonderful thing. I really ought to get back to my writing.

    Le Sigh ….

  2. Really nice work. And I LOVE the name neuro trans knitters. You might be interested to meet a friend of mine who is heavily involved in the fiber arts. In addition to knitting, he does crochet, weaving, and spinning (probably a bunch of other stuff, too). His blog is http://altivo.livejournal.com/

  3. Roger, I am so gonna get you knitting a sweater. If you can make a hat and a scarf, you can make a sweater. I know, I used to teach classes. I’ll have to show off one of my fancy ass aran, sweaters to get the old competitive thing going! We wish you were coming east too.

  4. BTW. did the camel spit on anyone? They’s nasty!

  5. i liked the scarves a lot
    and you are so handsome fine as a model too

  6. Rodger…
    I want one…knit me a nice soft alpaca one…I’ll pay ya! I love the stitching in Mark’s but I actually kinda liked your tie-die one. LOL.

  7. Very nice! I want some of that Alpaca yarn. Did you get any catalogs or web addresses you can pass my way? Sure you can’t make it to Boston? You guys are welcome to crash in my room if you get your ass in gear for the airline tickets, and get that dern shed finished…

  8. R7 – It may be a good thing for me that you’re not writing since you spend more time blogging. And…it’s all about me!

    Doug – Thanks for the link…I’ll head over and look around. Fortunately with the cool weather I can get back into cheese making too.

    Ganome – Please do show off your sweaters, I love the hat you made for Monkey. Fortunately, the camel was very low key and gentle. I can’t say the same for the Llamas.

    Spo – You’re too kind but I’m keeping the day job.

    Tony – When you come to visit we’ll pick out some yarn.

    tater – The alpaca yarn came from a local farm so I can get it for you anytime. I’ll see if they have a link.

  9. Oddly enough……I didn’t want the VET place to see me walking in with a new client, Mac, with that scarf on.. . .. this vet is in a blue collar part of town. A week later, I’m beginning to think he looks DARN GOOD in this beautiful scarf….I think he kinda likes it. So my vote’s changed.

  10. Mark- It’s the ruby slippers that make Mac’s outfit. Though the scarf sets them off nicely.

  11. a knitted dog bandana! perfect for those chilly days … dude, you could market those. Love the chunky scarf.

  12. I LOVE the yellow/brown scarf!

  13. good lord! everywhere i go, people are knitting these days. it’s amazing. i may have to get out some clickety clack needles myself.

  14. Hey there. I just found your blog from Homer’s blog. Excellent knitting! I love the tie dye scarf – it’s very cool. And aren’t fiber festivals a hoot?


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