Hidden Treasures

They’ve decided to change our building over to key card access during non-working hours. We’ve always used a regular key to get in at night or on weekends but I guess they are too low tech to be useful anymore. This means carrying yet another plastic card in my wallet. Although they’d prefer I wear the card around my neck at all times I refuse because it’s dangerous. You never know when that card may get stuck in the door and I won’t be able to pass it over the sensor and free myself.

I was talking with a colleague about the number of cards we’re forced to carry these days. It seems everyone has a thick plastic card now instead of the old laminated paper cards. I have so many that I keep the least used cards in my backpack. I pulled the stack out and found a certain department store credit card that expired in September of 04. I pulled the card out to shred it and found this…


Yes, this was actually found in a fortune cookie after a meal in San Francisco some 17 years ago. I’m still waiting although, at this point, the swimwear competition will not be pretty. And…they don’t know me…I will definitely accept it!  Watch me.


7 responses to “Hidden Treasures

  1. OH RODG! I have the perfect tiara for you and just the right G-string to flaunt that PURTEE arse of yours as you stut your STUFF across the stage. A guaranteed ‘tongue-wagger!’ LMAO.

    And I concur…there is a plastic card for just about everything. Can we just have one simple univeral card that houses our credit card info, etc.

  2. not without an endoresment anyway.

  3. I though that you already won the Miss Universe contest. You mean that wasn’t you back in ’77?

  4. I can’t wait to hear the acceptance speech!

  5. I found an old fortune in my wallet the other day that read: “He who hurries can not walk with dignity.” I wonder why I held on to that one??

  6. Bitch! That crown is mine! How dare you presume to challenge me. Just wait till I catch you on the catwalk during the evening gown segment. TRIP. Your ass is toast. Last time I checked, shed building doesn’t qualify for the talent portion, either! Hurrumphh!

  7. haha!!! perfect. i love the fact that i have eaten many a fortune cookie and never had one like that, whereas you, a fetching boy from the northwest, get one about being a beauty queen. the universe is lovely and i envy you your crown and your principles. sashay on, honey.

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