Daily Archives: October 22, 2007


Tonight I flocked around and made these…


(flock of seagulls)

They were requested of us for a certain occasion and being the anal-retentive-triple-Virgo-I-even-drive-myself-crazy-perfectionist I had to make a test version before working with the good paper. Then I had to make another with a different good paper to see if it was more attractive. Then I had to make another with paper that I created on a whim. Then I had to perfect that new paper and make yet another. Then I had to refine that “perfected” paper and fold it into a crane for Mark because he was too tired to try folding his own and we’d procrastinated too long already.


(whim paper w/required name randomly inserted- look closely)

So…three hours after arriving home we have two cranes that we can send off for the intended purpose, 2 cranes that will probably find themselves on the Christmas tree, 3 cranes that have flown into the recycle bin, I can now fold an origami crane by memory and I need to go make dinner.


(paste paper crane and Mark’s crane on perfected whim paper) 

And you wonder why I blog so inconsistently.