Tonight I flocked around and made these…


(flock of seagulls)

They were requested of us for a certain occasion and being the anal-retentive-triple-Virgo-I-even-drive-myself-crazy-perfectionist I had to make a test version before working with the good paper. Then I had to make another with a different good paper to see if it was more attractive. Then I had to make another with paper that I created on a whim. Then I had to perfect that new paper and make yet another. Then I had to refine that “perfected” paper and fold it into a crane for Mark because he was too tired to try folding his own and we’d procrastinated too long already.


(whim paper w/required name randomly inserted- look closely)

So…three hours after arriving home we have two cranes that we can send off for the intended purpose, 2 cranes that will probably find themselves on the Christmas tree, 3 cranes that have flown into the recycle bin, I can now fold an origami crane by memory and I need to go make dinner.


(paste paper crane and Mark’s crane on perfected whim paper) 

And you wonder why I blog so inconsistently.

13 responses to “Ori-flockin’-gami

  1. Good lord! Is there nothing you can’t do? You are making it very difficult for the rest of us to have any measure of contentment or self esteem. Now I have to learn how to fold paper into pretty animals. Christ!

  2. I sooooooooooo love a man that’s domesticated. Gosh, if we join forces there is nothing that could stop us, except for another gay man. LMAO!!! Hugs.

  3. Watch it bitches…I’ll cut you! 😉

  4. what, a paper cut?

    OMG you are a triple Virgo! Perfectionism … a gift and a disease. Not that I would know.

  5. Sigh. I married a anal-retentive-triple-Virgo-I-even-drive-myself-crazy-perfectionist. Mark has my sympathies.

  6. I can’t say anything. I once spent an afternoon starching and ironing linen napkins into origami waterlilys. Okay, I’m a big fairy. Shoot me.

  7. DOUG! WE HAVE TO TALK! But then, I learned loving someone means you love them as they are, so as they are, Triple Virgos must be allowed to make 5, 10, or even 20 Origamis anytime they want. TO their credit, it has meant MANY projects in 18 years have been completed with FAR more painful perfection than I would have ever imagined. Not that it have been annoying along the way, the end result has been nice.

  8. I’m having trouble getting onto Mark’s blog right now. I just looked more closely at one of the cranes. Is the happy birthday wish from Mark or to him? Should I be offering birthday wishes here? If so, Happy Birthday, Mark.

  9. stop dicky-birding around and put on more blog.

  10. Don’t through those not so perfect paper cranes. Hold on to them. Your wish will come true when it reaches 1000 cranes 🙂

  11. sorry, I meant “throw”

  12. good. god. i’m speechless.

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