Phun Photo Phriday

Look Up.JPG

Best viewed in original size…click pic.

17 responses to “Phun Photo Phriday

  1. What an amazing shot. This may be the best photo you have yet posted.

  2. aliens descending?

  3. Hmmm! Sex in the Space Needle?!

  4. space needle? i had no idea until i clicked. amazing.

  5. Boston was out but you went to Seattle? I keed. Missed you, you guys woulda had a ball! So if I make a Northwest pilgrimage you’ll be there, right?

  6. Doug – It seems everyone has a different favorite, now I know where your taste runs.

    Spo – You’re the expert on aliens…you tell me.

    Tony – What inspired that?

    Lynette – Thanks sweetie.

    MC – I took this in August. If I’d had the opportunity to be anywhere this past weekend, you know where I’d have been. Did you see all those hot menz? Mmmm.

    tater – Check your e-mail buddy. And if you make a NW pilgrimage we’ll take a ride up to Seattle for a mini-blogger gathering.

  7. So, I’m gonna fly all the way to Portland, figure out where you live, rent a car, drive there (all the while dreaming of apple crisp), and you two will have gone to Seattle??? Jeesh. You make a girl work too hard.

  8. tater – The apple crisp will be in the oven…the dog will let you in. See you Sunday!

  9. You and me both – I had Boston on the brain this weekend.

  10. Hell Rodg, you know damn well what inspired my response!!! (*eg*)

    P.S. You around President’s Weekend in Portland? If I have three days, I may take a short weekend trip up to Portland. Nothing definite…just thinking. I’d love to meet Mark (CITYWOOF blog). Email me.

  11. Has something happened to Mark’s blog? I haven’t been able to get onto it for a couple of days now.

  12. no phun photos for phriday?

  13. apparently they were aliens after all as it seems you’ve been abducted away ie no recent post!
    i hope they bring you back as soon as possible!

  14. On vacation again? Don’t make me come out there, young man.

  15. Not on vacation…just trying to lure you to the Pacific Northwest. Of course I’d prefer you come in summer when your weather sucks and ours is Spring-like to you.

    I’ll post soon but was distracted tonight by the neighbor from hell.

  16. I need to know about said neighbor, and what makes him/her hellish!!!

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