Daily Archives: November 15, 2007

Here Comes the Rant Rain

Well tonight I got a taste of what I’ll be putting up with over the next six months…people who can’t drive in the rain! Yeah…go figure. We live with rain for more than half the year and yet most folks still can’t drive once the rains settle in. My drive from work is usually 25 minutes tonight it was forty five…to travel eleven miles.

I left work and tuned into the traffic report to find that all the roads are a mess. When the main arteries get clogged, thousands of drivers get off the main roads, which they can barely maneuver when it’s wet, to take the side streets and little winding roads they barely know and drive like they’ve never been behind the wheel of a car before. Let alone on a rainy day. I’m not exaggerating here…really. These idiots hit their brakes on every curve, not corner, curve. They stop at every intersection even if there isn’t a stop sign and they refuse to pull over and let the 30 cars behind them pass. At least the school bus drivers are kind enough to pull over when there’s a line of cars behind them, and they know the roads. You’d think Mr. “I-don’t-need-instructions-I’ll-just-take-my-chances-and follow-these-other-cars” would at least pull over to avoid looking like the asshole he is for not knowing what the fuck he’s doing but no…he wants everyone to see how big an asshat he truly is. Fuck you asshat, get a GPS system in your monster truck…not to mention some balls!

And…it’s only going to get worse. Come January, if we’re lucky, we’ll have a little snow and as soon as that first flake hits the windshield some dumb fuck is going to drive into a ditch and half a dozen others will park their cars on the freeways, in the fast lane, and leave them there while they stand on the side of the road and call for help because they can’t drive in snow…which hasn’t even dusted the road yet. I’m serious kids! I know this because they have news reporters all over this town for days before the snow comes and you can watch these stupid fucks on TV…yep! It sounds funny at first but usually by noon you’re so tired of watching every, yes EVERY channel, show the same four videos over and over while you wait hear some real news you move to the computer. That is, provided some dickhead hasn’t driven into a power pole leaving half the city out of power for the next three days. Oh…it hurts to even think about it.

So, this is my fate and I live with it because I love this green state, the forests, the rivers, the hills. But I will always hate the drivers who haven’t learned to drive in one of the rainiest states in the country.

I feel better and will shut up.