Phun Photo Phriday


But can I get one with extra sausage?

13 responses to “Phun Photo Phriday

  1. Hehe! Where the hell is my lariat? So you live and breath! I was getting concerned that you OD’ed on Caramel, Chocolate, and Nuts. Knitting anything new?

  2. Only $9.99? That’s a STEAL!!!!

  3. I know where that is!

  4. tater – I’m slowly coming out of my lovely sugar induced coma. I’ll actually post a real update by Monday.

    Paul – It sure is! At that price a party is imminent.

    lelo – You can probably see this from your bedroom window. Let me know what those cowboys look like.

  5. i’ll take 2 please.
    does he come in a combo?

  6. I know from experience that cowboys are delicious.

  7. haha! I’d seen an ad for that “Cowboy Pizza” – at the time I was like, what the hell? Does it come with boots?

    Judging from this sign, I’d say it’s probably their version of the Meat Lovers…

  8. spo – Yep! As I mentioned to Paul…this is certainly a party in the making. A combo sounds nice but I’d still insist on extra sausage.

    homer – I want details…you’re a vegetarian.

    MC – That would be me…a serious MEAT LOVER. I do try to keep my meat consumption to a minimum when it comes to actual sustenance but this is a COWBOY!

  9. When I was in college in Maine, there was a Lumberjack Special. I think a special lumberjack is even better than a cowboy.

  10. i like big cowboys. yum!

  11. All this fantastic discussion, and I bet not ONE of you went down and actually “ordered” one of these big boys …….if you did, I want a picture of a big cowboy.

  12. 9.99 for a cowboy? I have to fly out to Oregon and get me some! Good to see you back. Like Tater I was beginning to wonder. Happy New Year.

  13. With a big sausage, yes, or a nice prime rump.

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