I Suck…

…but you knew that. I’m not talking about that though…I’m talking about Portland’s LGBTQ history. Local PDX blogger and seamstress extraordinaire, Lelo in NoPo, sent me this quiz.

Enable Javascript to take this Quiz.

My sorry ass score (4/10) shows I don’t know beans about it so I’m heading down to the Q Center this weekend to participate in their history events. Actually, I’ve been looking forward to this since last month when Lelo told me about the A-list panel of activists, community leaders and politicians they’ve assembled for a roundtable discussion “30+ years in the making: Stories from the struggle for our rights“.

I’m sure a better time will not be had anywhere in town that night. I mean think about it…a room full of mo’s telling war stories about the struggle for equality. It’s going to be FAGTABULOUS!!

4 responses to “I Suck…

  1. i was delighted to see you posting
    think of this as an opportunity to open up to history and learn some new things.

  2. I suck just as bad, I only got 4 correct. Ok so to the important stuff. Where should I go in Tahoe? We’re staying in a kick ass house in Zephyr Cove. I already heard that I should check out Kirkwood. Anything else I need to see, do, eat, drink, etc??

    By the way the house has an extra bedroom! 😉

  3. I got zero right. But then, I don’t know Portland at all. So I guess I suck even more than you do.

  4. I hope you’ll share your experience here on your blog in the next couple of days. Hugs!

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