I was trying to write a bit about Saturday’s Q Center Panel mentioned in my last post but the dog, disappointed with my lack of attention this weekend, won’t quit a) licking my hands while I try to type b) dropping his saliva soaked tennis ball on my laptop and c) pawing at the keyboard.

I am trying to get back into the swing of posting regularly again but now I must play. Oh…and I just noticed it’s started snowing. Yea!

Bye now.


7 responses to “Doggone

  1. apparently the pooch suffers from ‘lack of attention deficit disorder’ bad case that.

  2. Spo – ROFL…That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all week. I definitely have to remember that line.

  3. Rodger- The first time I ever heard that line it was being directed AT Spo. Though I believe that at the time the phrasing was ‘center of attention deficit disorder.’ So he knows of what he speaks.

  4. God, our dogs need to meet! Every time I sit down to write, there she is with a grin on her face, her ball at my feet, and that little curly tail wagging back and forth. Melts my heart, and I am forced to abandon my will and satisfy hers. If I try and refuse, she tosses her ball under my desk where she can’t access it, and then plaintively wails and cries until I am on my knees digging for it. I can hear your giggles, yes, I am my dog’s bitch.

  5. I’m lucky neither of my dogs are lickers. Well, except for their asses. Batman just eats the tennis balls if I don’t throw them.

  6. Now my cat would never do any of those attention seeking gambits. (Falls on floor laughing hysterically) I usually wind up with 15 lbs of hairy neediness in my lap when I am trying to work at the computer. For the record, she also licks my hands, brings toys over to invite me to play, gets up on the keyboard and in general beats me into submission. Pets are such a joy!

  7. Now if I just had a man at my feet, wagging his “tail” just as eagerly, I’d gladly abandon my whims for his. LOL. Ok…2 days have past since this post…no new one. So much for getting back on the blog bandwagon. LOL. Gotch’ya!

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