The View from Here

I seem to have come down with a nasty head cold and sore throat so I’m not in much of a mood to post. Of course I haven’t been very motivated to post at all lately thanks to some serious shit going down at work. I’ll know more on Wednesday as to how things are going to shake out but many folks are losing their jobs or are being cut back to half-time. Fortunately, my boss thinks I walk on water (his words not mine) so I’m safe. I’ve just been so busy I don’t want to pick up the computer when I get home. So…for now I’ll leave you with this.


This Cooper’s Hawk has been spending a lot of time in the cedar tree next to the bird feeder. So far the birds he’s hoping to eat have eluded him thanks to the black-capped chickadees’ warning calls. I shot this from the couch while watching football on Sunday. Nice view eh?

7 responses to “The View from Here

  1. You know the routine Rodg…pull out some of that home-made chicken soup, a spot of hot tea with lemon and maybe a twizzle of honey. It will clear the cobwebs and make things move along quicker. Get well. Hug.

  2. Great photo! Cooper’s hawks do this a fair bit, giving an entirely new meaning to “bird feeder.”

  3. Glad to know that it’s a Cooper’s hawk instead of the infamous Chicken Hawk, known to perch on swing sets and light posts above skateboard parks…

  4. i am always glad to see you posting Rodger
    Get that man of yours to pamper you and wait on your every whim.

  5. I seriously think there’s something going around on this coast. Seems everyone’s down. I thought i just had a cold/sinus thing going on, but today it’s morphed into fever and hacking cough. Whee. hope you feel better soon.
    Fantastic photo!!

  6. Dr Spo, I’m so disappointed. “Wait on Him?” AM I to presume you sensitively wait hand and foot on “someone” just because they’re deathly ill?

  7. I’m sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. I think that cold has gone from coast to coast. Everyone here is pretty sickly as well.

    The cooper hawk is beautiful. I will see them occasionally here in the city. However, red tails are getting to be as common as pigeons! I saw one in the courtyard at work as I was walking in yesterday morning. I was able to get quite close but my old camera was not cooperating and all the pictures came out blurry.

    Feel better.

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