It’s been snowing a lot this year. I love the snow so it’s fine by me, but it seems to snow at night and then melt during the day so I don’t get a chance to enjoy it because I have to work.

Work sucks!

Oh…I shouldn’t say that…I’m lucky to have a job and don’t want to jinx it.

I love my job!

That is actually an honest remark which is why the thought of losing my job is so depressing. But I’m not going to dwell on that right now. As I said last post, my job is safe for now and if anything did happen to the Center, I’d probably be one of the last they let go. After all…someone has to clean up the mess and it won’t be the scientific staff. And…I have a good rep at the university and shouldn’t have too much trouble getting another position. But I digress.

So, about that snow. I know you Midwesterners and Right Coasters have a hateful relationship with snow but for this California boy, snow is magic. I have never had to shovel the driveway or keep my sidewalks clear or slog through feet of snow to get to school or work. Snow to me is simply about fun. Snowball fights, skiing, sledding, snowball fights and beautiful moonlit landscapes viewed from a hot tub.

Living in Oregon now I have had to make my way to work in the snow, but it’s usually a few inches of slush by the time I hit the road. If more than a few inches are on the ground I stay home to make a snowman and play with the dog. That usually includes a walk in Forest Park which is absolutely breathtaking as the snow adds dimension so much dimension by highlighting various layers of the forest. Yep, I love the snow!

This afternoon I attended a faculty meeting for two and a half hours. I sat next to the window and watched as flurry after flurry drove into the canyon behind our building. It was exceptionally soothing to watch those flakes fall from far above and track them as they fell far below me onto the forest floor. If only every meeting were accompanied by such simple beauty. If only all unpleasant situations were. It was the best meeting I’ve ever attended. Afterward I walked to my car in the fading light with snow falling lightly on my face. The quiet had settled in and all seemed still and content. So did I.

I love snow!


7 responses to “Snow

  1. >I love snow.

    Yeah, whatever. I’m getting tired of shoveling this year. Ant it’s -2 right now with a -25 wind chill, so I don’t have much good to say about anything involving winter at the moment. OK, I admit it, I’m whining. Why don’t you say more about the moonlit hot tub.

  2. i love snow too; I miss it so.
    DougT is just kidding; he loves snow and lives for it.

  3. Dr. T – It’s okay to whine. I’ll get even in June when I’m whining about the rain while you’re all out hiking and whining about the mosquitos.

  4. It’s all about perspective, I guess. If you’d have asked me 4 winters ago, I’d have said I’d be happy to never have to slog through another snowy winter. But now I miss it. Even shoveling it. I get happy when it snows now. The only downside is when you live in a place where the majority of folks aren’t confident driving in it, the roads aren’t exactly safe. My dogs love it. We got some this week, the kids even had a snow day!

  5. You really need to come here for a visit! I’ll even let you take some of the excess snow I am experiencing at the moment, home with you! It is beautiful, and I get to watch my dog play in it, but it is a pain in the ass as well.

  6. So Rodg, now we know you ‘really ‘ love snow. Can you tell us what that meeting was about considering your were watching those snow flurries so closely. LMAO!!!! I’d be doing the same thing…I hate meetings. And I hate ‘giving’ them just as much.

  7. Snow is pretty when it’s happening, but not such a joy when you have to make your way through it in the city. Can we say icy sidewalks? However, the last big storm we had was really beautiful and the city looked magical for a few days after. I think I would take it over the cold rain we’ve been getting for the past few days though.

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