Ready to Rock!

OMG, OMG, OMG…I’m off to see Rodrigo y Gabriela tonight at the Crystal Ballroom! I’ll be sure to stop in this weekend with a review. Thanks to Tater for turning me on to these folks a few short months ago. I’ve become their biggest fan and PR machine in Portland and had no trouble convincing a few folks to join me.

5 responses to “Ready to Rock!

  1. I am jealous! Just one more reason to like you though; your exquisite taste.

  2. he is new/news for me; thank you for the recommendation.
    i hope the night was as good as you hoped it to be.

  3. I’m assuming you are heading out to SF this coming weekend. I wish I could meet up with you. It’s funny, my little sister, her husband, and kids, all within three miles of me, are driving up Thursday. I wish I could hitch a ride. But I have to work Friday and Monday. No work, NO PAY!!! sigh! have a great time though my friend.

  4. hey you!
    yer fans want some updates – put out soon or I am unleashing the bright blue tarantulas on ya.

  5. wonderful!! I listened to this video with Barack Obama’s Texas speech in the background, which was weirdly very cool.

    I also learned about them via Tater. They’re magnificent.

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