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…and I haven’t a thing to wear!

Friday afternoon our Associate Director was contacted by a certain VIP regarding a visit to his lab. Information was sketchy but by the end of the day I was informed it was probably Bill Clinton. Of course the person sharing this information with me was still uncertain so I let it pass without much thought.

On my way home I was listening to the evening news and heard that Bill would be in Portland on Sunday to do some campaigning for Hillary but none of the sites mentioned were near campus. Of course it’s entirely possible he could swing by for an unpublicized visit but I’m sure I would have been informed if that were the case. I do work for the Director and he would certainly be informed of a visit of this magnitude, even if he is out of the country this week.

Saturday evening the news reported that Clinton had added a couple stops on his trip and one is Monday morning at the university. Not having heard from the Associate Director or the Big Guy, I figured the lab visit was off the table but planned for an early arrival to make my way around the various security obstacles that are sure to be in place.

This afternoon I received a call from our AD asking if our lecture room was available tomorrow morning because Bill would need the space for meetings. I assured him we could make the necessary adjustments. As if I really have a say.

I’m not thrilled with some of the shit that has come out of Bill Clinton’s mouth lately but I do think he was a decent President. Therefore, I’m kind of looking forward to this little bit of excitement on campus but not so much the purpose of the visit. It’s all about money, and Hillary’s weak chances in this very blue state. We’ll see how things go.

Maybe I should wear my blue dress!

Phun Photo Phriday


I caught this last weekend on Sauvie Island where we were lucky enough to have spotted at least a dozen different eagles. Although I see these magnificent birds quite frequently I’m still in awe of them. I only wish he had perched on the near side of the tree.

Bowling Injury

I’ve injured myself bowling. As if the mere fact that a grown man in a non-intoxicated state chose to go bowling isn’t embarrassing enough, I have the added glory of having injured myself playing a non-contact sport.

My left knee, which absorbed the stress of my weight as I slid within millimeters of the foul line to deliver the ball upon the lane is rebelling by not holding up when I walk. Thus, I keep finding myself on the ground…and it’s not pretty.

I can go hiking, running, till the garden and split firewood all day long and maybe have a few tight muscles but this is ridiculous. I can’t sit or get up without support and getting in and out of the car is embarrassing. I know for a fact those people in the parking lot were not laughing with me!

I’m not sure what inspired me to agree to the suggestion of bowling other than the fact that is was random and spontaneous. In fact, it actually sounded…fun. Really. And, it was fun. So, we bowled into the wee hours and now I’m left with a painful knee and no dignity. Someday I’ll grow up and realize that I have to be more careful when having fun at my age. Then again, probably not.

Phun Photo Phriday


Your Friend Hil

Our next President?


Sorry, but once she approved that fearmongering ad right out of chapter two of Carl Rove’s playbook…I lost all respect.


Back in the Spring…er…Swing

I haven’t been inspired to post for a while thanks to all the stress at work and a number of little things like telling my assistant her job has been eliminated. That one act is the most unpleasant thing I’ve had to do in the past nine years at this job and is terribly difficult…for both of us. Yes, it’s much harder on her since she’ll be without work and has to start searching for a new job but it still makes me feel like shite.

With all the crap at work, the trip to CA was much needed. I hadn’t realized how much until about the third day when I noticed I hadn’t even thought about checking my work email or voice mail and better yet, they hadn’t called. This is highly unusual and, I’m sure, partly by design since the Big Guy knows my workload is increasing and he wanted me to enjoy my time away.

And…enjoy I did!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get together with a lot of folks I wanted to see since I hadn’t been home for a couple years and really needed to concentrate on family. I did get to spend some time with my dear friends Serafina and David though and by mid-day Monday, after walking with them and their beautiful dogs Glinda and Abby…




(Abby…the beauty)

…through the park and along the beach…


…vacation mode was in full swing and all responsible thoughts melted away in the California sunshine.


I won’t get into details here, since Mark seems to be posting them (damn wordpress won’t let me link for some reason), but I will say that I ate far too much and one night I had a little too much to drink, but hey…it was vacation right?

Now, back home and back in the office, I’ve finally caught up on all the work that piled up on my desk. The spring-like weather, the budding trees, returning birds and longer hours of daylight were a pleasant welcome and are keeping the stress and general malaise at bay. I’ve even started pulling pots of the hardier perennials from the woodshed. Yes, spring is just around the corner and I look forward to spending more time in the yard and filling the deck with flowers.

I hadn’t realized how much my mood had been affected until I had the chance to sit back and let it all go. I must pay more attention next winter so I can try and stop the funk before it overwhelms me. Now though, I’m feeling refreshed and I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.