Daily Archives: March 11, 2008

Bowling Injury

I’ve injured myself bowling. As if the mere fact that a grown man in a non-intoxicated state chose to go bowling isn’t embarrassing enough, I have the added glory of having injured myself playing a non-contact sport.

My left knee, which absorbed the stress of my weight as I slid within millimeters of the foul line to deliver the ball upon the lane is rebelling by not holding up when I walk. Thus, I keep finding myself on the ground…and it’s not pretty.

I can go hiking, running, till the garden and split firewood all day long and maybe have a few tight muscles but this is ridiculous. I can’t sit or get up without support and getting in and out of the car is embarrassing. I know for a fact those people in the parking lot were not laughing with me!

I’m not sure what inspired me to agree to the suggestion of bowling other than the fact that is was random and spontaneous. In fact, it actually sounded…fun. Really. And, it was fun. So, we bowled into the wee hours and now I’m left with a painful knee and no dignity. Someday I’ll grow up and realize that I have to be more careful when having fun at my age. Then again, probably not.