Phun Photo Phriday


I caught this last weekend on Sauvie Island where we were lucky enough to have spotted at least a dozen different eagles. Although I see these magnificent birds quite frequently I’m still in awe of them. I only wish he had perched on the near side of the tree.

4 responses to “Phun Photo Phriday

  1. What a great photo. Mark posted a bunch on his blog, too. Looks like you guys had a really fine day out there. Sooner or later, I’ll make it back out to the Pacific Northwest and finally get to meet you two in person. When that happens, I’d really love to go out to Sauvie Island and look around.

  2. i am glad they are coming back; a success story that gives me some hope we can rescue other species too.

  3. love this! Isn’t he something…

  4. wow! what a beauty!! we have eagles nesting at the dam on the Arkansas every year, but I’ve never seen one. he’s a fine thing and i kind of like the tree limbs in the forefront of the image.

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