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Knit This

With so much going on around here lately, I’ve turned to the knitting for stress relief and relaxation. And, I’ve returned to working with regular yarn after fighting double strands of hemp for an exfoliating soap holder. I’d share it with you but I still have to learn to sew the edges together and I’m rapidly losing interest in the project. Now I understand why so many knitters have a pile of unfinished objects.

One piece I’ve started working on is this multi-directional, diagonal scarf that looks kind of like patchwork.

I found the pattern at a yarn store in San Francisco a few months back and am thrilled that it is turning out better than the one I saw in the shop. I’ve decided not to make it too long so it can be worn as an accent piece with a shorter jacket during the warmer spring and fall months. I’m already imagining other yarn combinations that would work with this pattern but I really love this variegated yarn.

Since I’m making the scarf for myself, I chose to work on an easier piece for the Preemie Project at the local Children’s Hospital. I had started a basket weave blanket a few months back but kept frogging the damn thing because I kept splitting the yarn. Finally, I gave up thinking I didn’t have enough experience. Starting the project again after making a number of other items I kept encountering the same problem, I kept splitting the yarn. At first I thought it was the small needles and sport weight yarn but I kept plugging away. It was annoying since I didn’t have this problem with my other projects so I decided it must be the yarn. I started over with a soft cotton yarn and Voila! In no time I had six inches of basket weave and not one split loop. I still have a ways to go but I think it’s coming along nicely.

Next I plan to take the leap and tackle a sweater. I’ve found a great pattern already but need to find the right yarn. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Phun Photo Phriday


My, oh my, where has the time gone? Losing my assistant has had quite an affect on my time at the office and the time I spend at the office. I’m lucky to get a lunch these days, which is when I’d usually catch up on my blogroll and maybe draft a post. Now it’s all work and no play, and they’re right…I’m quite the dull boy.

Fortunately that’s all going to change soon because exactly three weeks from today Mark and I will be on a plane for New York to attend this:

We were supposed to fly to Boston last fall for a blogger gathering arranged by Evilganome but the long awaited building of our woodshed got in the way and I begged off until the next get-together. Yeah, I took a lot of flack for that but my skin is thick and my word is good so it’s off to NYC.

I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to this event. Not only will I finally get to meet the Ganome and Tater and Eric, but I hear Homer will be there too. Of course the regular New York suspects will be in attendance and it will be nice to meet a few of those on my blogroll like Joe, Father Tony and possibly (hopefully) Helen! Of course, with my sorry posting history of late I may be shunned, but I’m buying the t-shirt anyway and I’ll just hang on the fringe and pretend to be part of the gang.

And, as added bonus, we’ll get to spend some time with our dear friend Rita who kindly let us stay at her place for two weeks on our last visit. She was in France and returned the same day we left so Rita, dinner’s on us!

Now, if only I could get Doug and Spo to make the journey.

Phun Photo Phriday


“John Raises $2.5 Million for Clinton”

I couldn’t help posting this headline. Our State Controlled Media should try to be less obvious.

Shit, I could create better propaganda and I’m not a journalist…or much of a writer.


See what this headline really means here.


Yep…I’m addicted.

Nope…it’s not drugs…nor alcohol.

I’m addicted to a radio show.

I don’t listen to the radio much these days, usually just the 30 minute drive to and from work and even that isn’t prime listening time because the terrain limits my choices. Driving along the hilltop I may only hear a song or two before I lose the signal and even then the static makes it more annoying than enjoyable.

Last month while I was in California a friend popped in a disc of Bob Dylan’s ‘Theme Time Radio Hour’ as we were getting up and around. Since we were all going about our morning routines I only caught bits and pieces of the show but ultimately sat down with my coffee and the paper and the melodic voice of Bob Dylan in the background. It wasn’t long before I gave up on the paper.

I don’t know what rock I’ve been living under but it doesn’t have XM Radio or news of the fact that this show has been on the air for nearly two years.

Theme Time Radio Hour is a weekly show where Bob picks a theme like ‘Weather’ or ‘Mother” and then plays songs that fit the theme. It sounds pretty dull but with a host that has been in the business for nearly 50 years and an exceptionally broad range of musical tastes, magic happens. Bob tells stories about the musicians he features, some of them personal recollections, tells jokes, and quotes everyone from Socrates to Zappa. It is the best radio show I’ve heard since ‘A Prairie Home Companion’ hit the airwaves all those long years ago.

When I returned home, my friend sent a link to the show and I’ve spent the majority of my spare time these past few weeks downloading the shows, burning them to disc, loading them on the iPod and listening to them at every opportunity.

I recently decided to only listen to one show a week so I wouldn’t run out of new listening material but quickly found that I love listening to them again and again. Little gems like George Jones and Melba Montgomery’s “Let’s Invite Them Over”, Loretta Lynn’s “Don’t Come a Drinkin’” or Little Walter’s “Last Night” just beg a playlist of their own. In fact, I could make numerous playlists from these tunes but why? They play far better when you have Bob’s comments and dry humor stitching them together like a warm quilt on a winter’s day.

Even more fun is how he weaves artists like Stevie Wonder, Merle Haggard, the Rolling Stones, Ruth Brown and L.L. Cool Jay into the same show…and it works! This is brilliant radio and it should be required listening by everyone who loves music.

So, if you have XM Radio, give it a listen. If you don’t…go here and give it a listen. Just be careful…it’s highly addictive…just look at my posting history lately.