My, oh my, where has the time gone? Losing my assistant has had quite an affect on my time at the office and the time I spend at the office. I’m lucky to get a lunch these days, which is when I’d usually catch up on my blogroll and maybe draft a post. Now it’s all work and no play, and they’re right…I’m quite the dull boy.

Fortunately that’s all going to change soon because exactly three weeks from today Mark and I will be on a plane for New York to attend this:

We were supposed to fly to Boston last fall for a blogger gathering arranged by Evilganome but the long awaited building of our woodshed got in the way and I begged off until the next get-together. Yeah, I took a lot of flack for that but my skin is thick and my word is good so it’s off to NYC.

I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to this event. Not only will I finally get to meet the Ganome and Tater and Eric, but I hear Homer will be there too. Of course the regular New York suspects will be in attendance and it will be nice to meet a few of those on my blogroll like Joe, Father Tony and possibly (hopefully) Helen! Of course, with my sorry posting history of late I may be shunned, but I’m buying the t-shirt anyway and I’ll just hang on the fringe and pretend to be part of the gang.

And, as added bonus, we’ll get to spend some time with our dear friend Rita who kindly let us stay at her place for two weeks on our last visit. She was in France and returned the same day we left so Rita, dinner’s on us!

Now, if only I could get Doug and Spo to make the journey.

5 responses to “GBV NYC

  1. that does sound like fun.
    Alas, I can’t get away what with ‘cover’ issues at work.
    please give hugs and kisses to anyone I know – and to anyone i would like to know.

  2. Damn. Wish I were going. Have fun, and take lots of pictures. You and Mark top my list of bloggers that I haven’t met but would like to.

  3. Can’t wait to meet you and Mark! It’s gonna be a fuuuuuun weekend!

  4. Oh sure, mention everybody else but me! This should be very interesting – especially after a couple of cocktails.

  5. It will be exciting to meet you guys in person.

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