Knit This

With so much going on around here lately, I’ve turned to the knitting for stress relief and relaxation. And, I’ve returned to working with regular yarn after fighting double strands of hemp for an exfoliating soap holder. I’d share it with you but I still have to learn to sew the edges together and I’m rapidly losing interest in the project. Now I understand why so many knitters have a pile of unfinished objects.

One piece I’ve started working on is this multi-directional, diagonal scarf that looks kind of like patchwork.

I found the pattern at a yarn store in San Francisco a few months back and am thrilled that it is turning out better than the one I saw in the shop. I’ve decided not to make it too long so it can be worn as an accent piece with a shorter jacket during the warmer spring and fall months. I’m already imagining other yarn combinations that would work with this pattern but I really love this variegated yarn.

Since I’m making the scarf for myself, I chose to work on an easier piece for the Preemie Project at the local Children’s Hospital. I had started a basket weave blanket a few months back but kept frogging the damn thing because I kept splitting the yarn. Finally, I gave up thinking I didn’t have enough experience. Starting the project again after making a number of other items I kept encountering the same problem, I kept splitting the yarn. At first I thought it was the small needles and sport weight yarn but I kept plugging away. It was annoying since I didn’t have this problem with my other projects so I decided it must be the yarn. I started over with a soft cotton yarn and Voila! In no time I had six inches of basket weave and not one split loop. I still have a ways to go but I think it’s coming along nicely.

Next I plan to take the leap and tackle a sweater. I’ve found a great pattern already but need to find the right yarn. I’ll let you know how that goes.


6 responses to “Knit This

  1. I still have the sweater my grandmother knit me back 25 years ago
    When you can, will you knit me a man?

  2. Oooh! Ditto! I want a man too!

  3. The scarf is beautiful.

  4. Ah, yarn that splits. I remember a few of those from my days of flogging yarn. I also remember that mulitdimensional scarf pattern. I had to make the sample for the store.

    A baby blanket! You are ambitious. Sweaters are pretty easy to knit, it’s just sewing them together that sucks.

  5. Sorry kids, knitting a man requires too many needles and the animation stitch is a well kept secret. When I figure it out I’ll be happy to oblige. Of course a knitted man would have a furry chest E, and Spo…you already have a man…and a nice one from what I see and read.

    Doug – Thanks, I was surprised with how it’s turning out. I’m looking forward to using this pattern with different yarn combinations.

    Tony – After seeing your Aran sweater I’m sure you’d whip out a scarf like this with your eyes closed…in about 20 minutes. I’m looking forward to the sweater…I think I’m ready. I’ll call you for tips when I have to sew it together.

  6. I can’t knit to save my life. I’d end up with a row of knots.

    Your work is beautiful.

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