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Home Again

Arrived home at 1:30 am PDT after waking at 8:30 am EDT…a very, very long day…when six hours of that time was spent flying and another two hours sitting in Seattle between flights. Although most of the folks who attended GB5 NYC have already posted about the weekend I have a few pics and comments to add to the mix.

Hopefully, I’ll get through my pictures tonight and will have time to write something after work tomorrow since the only thing I can thing about now is sleep and snuggling with Mark…and the dog.

Let the Fun Begin

We made it in to town about 7:00 Thursday night and spent the evening settling into the loft we’re renting for the next week. Here’s the view from the 28th floor balcony.

Of course we had to grab a slice of pizza before heading out on the town for a few hours. We ended up at Don’t Tell Mama’s, a fun little piano bar, and had a great time chatting up the locals. We were still on Left Coast time so we decided to head out about midnight or we’d have been there until 4:00 and hated ourselves this morning when we were to meet up with the boys we missed last fall in Boston.

Although Mark loves the subway system here, he still doesn’t quite have it figured out….

…actually, he really does love the subway and we always have a good time checking out the various stations. We also get to check out more than our fair share of stations since we usually miss our stop and end up traveling to parts unknown. Last night it was Brooklyn where we realized our mistake and jumped off the train to find there were no trains heading back to Manhattan. We were forced to wait for another train, take it to the next Brooklyn station and then double back to Downtown. Not fun when you’ve had a few drinks and there are no bathrooms in site, but we made it home without any accidents.

Today we had our first mini-event meeting Tony, Tater, RG, Stache and Father Tony for lunch. The food was wonderful and the company even better! With all those handsome men around, I felt like the luckiest gurl in town. Of course I was too dumbfounded to pull out my camera so I only have this one shot…

…but you get the idea.

It was a nice way to kick off the weekend and should make tonight’s ‘meet and greet’ a bit easier. So it’s off to find a little dinner and then up to meet the rest of the gang. I’ll be sure to document this event a little better.

Tidying Up

It’s been a busy couple of days since the house guests left, putting the house back in order, cleaning up the loose ends at work, and ironing out the details for our trip to NYC.

We leave Thursday morning and I’m beginning to feel a bit anxious. This trip was originally planned as a small gathering of those bloggers that had, or tried, to make it to the Boston gathering last fall. Now, it’s been rolled into the annual NYC gathering which historically has been a fairly large group. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely looking forward to meeting these folks, but I’m a little uneasy in large groups of people I don’t, or barely, know.

It takes me a little time to feel comfortable in these situations, kind of like accompanying a spouse to a work gathering, so I live by the rule: “take your own party”. Mark will be with me and he’s one of the most social people I’ve ever met yet even he’s admitted to a little anxiety but, he’s my party, so I’m sure we’ll have a good time. Better yet, Tony and Tate will be there and we’ll be meeting them for lunch before the main event and that will add to “our party”. So, for now, I’m busying myself with the usual travel preparations and trying not to think beyond our lunch with the gurrrls. I feel I know them well enough that we’ll fall into comfortable camaraderie in no time.

And…if I don’t feel comfortable after the meet and greet that night…I won’t have any trouble finding something to do for the next four days. After all…it’s hard to be bored in NYC.

Gettin’ Dirty

Finally, a chance to play in the dirt. A couple weeks ago we had a nice dry day and I decided to rototill the vegetable garden. I pulled out the tiller, filled it with gas, checked the oil, primed the carburetor and with one quick motion, snapped the pull-cord off the flywheel. So much for that idea.

Let’s see what I need to take the flywheel cover off and reattach the pull-cord. Hmmm…rivets? Yep…rivets! So, how do you get to the flywheel? You have to take the entire engine housing off, which requires you to remove the freshly filled gas tank. Brilliant! I’m not going there…I’ll take it to the shop.

I pulled out the little tiller and spent the next three hours turning over the top 4 inches of dirt in the 20 x 30 foot garden six inches at a time. Yep, that’s right, the little tiller is truly little. So, it may have taken a while but I did get all the leaves and grass and compost worked into the soil fairly well and when the big boy comes back from the shop it will make the work a bit easier.

Last night, the sun was out and the air was warm when I got home so I decided to divide some Crocosmia and Hostas that are getting a little out of control. That was done pretty quickly so I went to get the flower pots out of the shed so they’ll be ready to fill next nice day we get. Of course, once they were on the deck I couldn’t just let them sit there all empty so I started filling them. I didn’t get very far before dark but hey…I’m on my way to deck beautiful once again.

And…it just felt so damn good to work outside in shorts and a t-shirt and just get dirty.

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