Gettin’ Dirty

Finally, a chance to play in the dirt. A couple weeks ago we had a nice dry day and I decided to rototill the vegetable garden. I pulled out the tiller, filled it with gas, checked the oil, primed the carburetor and with one quick motion, snapped the pull-cord off the flywheel. So much for that idea.

Let’s see what I need to take the flywheel cover off and reattach the pull-cord. Hmmm…rivets? Yep…rivets! So, how do you get to the flywheel? You have to take the entire engine housing off, which requires you to remove the freshly filled gas tank. Brilliant! I’m not going there…I’ll take it to the shop.

I pulled out the little tiller and spent the next three hours turning over the top 4 inches of dirt in the 20 x 30 foot garden six inches at a time. Yep, that’s right, the little tiller is truly little. So, it may have taken a while but I did get all the leaves and grass and compost worked into the soil fairly well and when the big boy comes back from the shop it will make the work a bit easier.

Last night, the sun was out and the air was warm when I got home so I decided to divide some Crocosmia and Hostas that are getting a little out of control. That was done pretty quickly so I went to get the flower pots out of the shed so they’ll be ready to fill next nice day we get. Of course, once they were on the deck I couldn’t just let them sit there all empty so I started filling them. I didn’t get very far before dark but hey…I’m on my way to deck beautiful once again.

And…it just felt so damn good to work outside in shorts and a t-shirt and just get dirty.

8 responses to “Gettin’ Dirty

  1. >it just felt so damn good to work outside in shorts and a t-shirt and just get dirty.

    You’ve ruined my image of you gardening shirtless.

  2. Doug – It’s not THAT warm yet.

  3. Hey, I did some of that this past weekend too. Planted, tilled, spread mulch. Got the pond (aquatic)plants out of the tub in the kitchen so the hubby can stop bickering about them being in the way.

    Of course they’re in the pond now and today it is cold. Grrrrr……….

  4. i heartily agree; nothing is so marvelous as to work the soil and get all dirty hedgehog like in your industry.

  5. Sounds like you truly enjoyed yourself! I did the same thing two weeks ago, got many of my annuals planted, and then we got a cold snap… I will be replanting this weekend.

  6. Hooray for getting all dirty! I’m back out in the garden myself. It’s great! Enjoy.

  7. Rodger’s all so amazingly green. MIss all of you guys with blogging. Can’t believe I haven’t posted in months. Work has really begun to eat away at time. I swear I can’t find enough time in a day anymore.

    Hope all is well…hope you will write and catch me up on your happenings.

  8. Yeah, I like to get outside in my t-shirt and shorts and get dirty – but in a different context.

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