Let the Fun Begin

We made it in to town about 7:00 Thursday night and spent the evening settling into the loft we’re renting for the next week. Here’s the view from the 28th floor balcony.

Of course we had to grab a slice of pizza before heading out on the town for a few hours. We ended up at Don’t Tell Mama’s, a fun little piano bar, and had a great time chatting up the locals. We were still on Left Coast time so we decided to head out about midnight or we’d have been there until 4:00 and hated ourselves this morning when we were to meet up with the boys we missed last fall in Boston.

Although Mark loves the subway system here, he still doesn’t quite have it figured out….

…actually, he really does love the subway and we always have a good time checking out the various stations. We also get to check out more than our fair share of stations since we usually miss our stop and end up traveling to parts unknown. Last night it was Brooklyn where we realized our mistake and jumped off the train to find there were no trains heading back to Manhattan. We were forced to wait for another train, take it to the next Brooklyn station and then double back to Downtown. Not fun when you’ve had a few drinks and there are no bathrooms in site, but we made it home without any accidents.

Today we had our first mini-event meeting Tony, Tater, RG, Stache and Father Tony for lunch. The food was wonderful and the company even better! With all those handsome men around, I felt like the luckiest gurl in town. Of course I was too dumbfounded to pull out my camera so I only have this one shot…

…but you get the idea.

It was a nice way to kick off the weekend and should make tonight’s ‘meet and greet’ a bit easier. So it’s off to find a little dinner and then up to meet the rest of the gang. I’ll be sure to document this event a little better.


6 responses to “Let the Fun Begin

  1. i am glad to here you are arrived safe and sound.
    I hope you post several updates and photos.

    By the way, I got to your pickles. I am not being merely ‘nice’ when I tell you they are exceptional. crisp, spicy and complex – the best pickles I have had in a long while. really. i am so grateful.

  2. lazybythelake

    hope the weather is as pleasant in nyc for your visit as it is in atlanta right now. and that you have a grand time and minimal crowd anxiety.

    i stayed in nyc briefly you know. on west 20th at 9th ave. it was many years that seem a lifetime ago. i had a view from my window directly into the close at the seminary across the street. i used to wander around the city after a boy while tipsy on the drink and love – whispering astrud gilberto lyrics quietly in his ear any chance i got.

    it ended in true heartbreak- culminating with a george pepard/audrey hepburn kiss at the corner of broome and 6th a day before i fled the city in some tragic fog from a moon river. more than a decade has past. but i still remember.

    i see on the internet that one of the favorite haunts is still there – temple bar. you should stop in and have a drink to young love and heartbreak. i’d say it was on me but i won’t be there.



  3. Enjoy the rest of the trip. IT all sounds like lots of fun. Safe travels to you both.

  4. absolutely loved meeting you and Mark. I have a great picture of the three of us that I should have posted this evening!

  5. I’m posting sometime today regarding the extravaganza that was NYC! It was great to finally meet you two. Lunch was nothing short of totally fun – the rain, good food, good wine and great company.

    The whole weekend was nothing short of a B-L-A-S-T.

    BTW, you and your hubby make a very sexy couple. 😉

  6. *waves*

    Stash, luv.

    My real first name is kinda dorky.

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