Home Again

Arrived home at 1:30 am PDT after waking at 8:30 am EDT…a very, very long day…when six hours of that time was spent flying and another two hours sitting in Seattle between flights. Although most of the folks who attended GB5 NYC have already posted about the weekend I have a few pics and comments to add to the mix.

Hopefully, I’ll get through my pictures tonight and will have time to write something after work tomorrow since the only thing I can thing about now is sleep and snuggling with Mark…and the dog.


6 responses to “Home Again

  1. what a lovely 3 way that must be!

  2. Welcome home. I’m glad you enjoyed the trip.

  3. It was fabulous meeting you! I have a great picture of us on my site, download it if you like. Glad you both made it back safe and sound.

  4. It was great meeting you guys at the NYC Blogger Thingy. I’ve got a great pic of you in the park on Saturday. I’ve got a pic of your partner too, but it’s out of focus – ironic huh? 🙂

  5. Hey Rodger, I’ve just left you an award over at the Tapestry.

  6. So wish I could have made it. Glad you had a great time, can’t wait for the rest of hte pics.

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