Enter the Fates

Arriving home from NYC to typical Pacific Northwest spring weather plunged me into a deep episode of S.A.D. It happens every year but not always with this intensity. In fact, never before has it affected me to the point that I considered calling my doctor for chemical intervention. The mere thought of chemical intervention made me realize that I had to work through it, quit thinking about my depression and start talking about my depression. That of course led me to realize that it’s not drugs I need but light. A normal spring here is usually broken up every few days with some bright sunshine; this year we’re lucky to get a half-day of sun once a week. So, I’ll be calling the doctor tomorrow to talk about a light box, or…maybe I’ll try the tanning salon…some color would do me good! ; )

I thought another approach to getting out of this funk would be to blog but I just couldn’t decide what to write about when, as Spo would say, the Fates dropped by for a visit.

The first Fate arrived Sunday morning when I read an email from Doug at Gossamer Tapestry informing me that he’d given me an award, the result of a meme he was tagged with, and fortunately for me the first ray of light toward recovery. Doug included me on his list of 5 blogs that ‘make him think or make his day’. I’m sure it was more ‘make his day’ than ‘make him think’ but I’ll take it…I’m easy that way.

Doug holds a special place in my blogger heart being a champion of nature and the inspiration of my few attempts at making cheese (a hard cheese is in my near future). Doug, an entomologist who spends much of his spare time restoring natural habitat and sharing his love of butterflies, insects, and plants with us laymen, could have easily sent me reeling into a science career had he been my biology professor. Go check out his site…I’m sure you’ll agree! And…”thanks” Doug…I’m looking forward to the day I finally get to meet you.

The second Fate arrived in the form of another meme. I, like most bloggers, don’t think ‘the meme’s the thing’ but I was tagged by the handsome Gavin at Why Oh Why and having just recently met him, I wasn’t about to turn him down. Besides…it’s an easy meme.

1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open to page 123.
3. Locate the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences on your blog and in so doing…
5. Tag five people and acknowledge who tagged me

Rule #4 being so cryptic, I decided to trace the meme back to the original and found this (PAGE 123), which doesn’t ask for anything more than the next three sentences. So, moving forward I offer this…

Reading this at work the nearest book was the ‘Big Guy’s massive textbook “Experimental and Clinical Neurotoxicology”.

Page 123, sentences 6-8 read…

“Surviving rats have selective lesions of small interneurons in the lumbosacral spinal cord with sparing of anterior horn cells; in contrast, reactive astrocytes are detected in the hippocampal CA4 region and stratum moleculare/lacunare. The Spinal cored changes clearly indicate that the pattern of this vulnerability induced by this glutamate analog differs from damage induced by kainate, although biochemical studies show that ACRO-A binds to two kainite-binding sites in the rat brain. The Neurotoxic action of acromelic acid on spinal neurons is attenuated by concomitant administration of 6-cyano-7-nitroquimnoxaline-2,3-dione, an antogonist at N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors (3,6). “

Since this partial description of the Neurotoxic properties of Acromelic Acid is a bit over my head, I decided to try again once I returned home.

At home…from “Rare Encounters with Ordinary Birds” written by local (Seattle) Ornithologist Lyanda Lynn Haupt, I offer this…

“This is no swaying treetop idyll, but an extreme nearness to the earth. A tree returning to the soil, housing on its way a spiral of migrating swifts, a saucer of oval eggs. Some older guides proclaim swift nesting areas to be open, meadowish, watery places.”

I know Gavin expected Mark to pull out the birding reference but most of the books in the family room are birding guides or gardening books and I responded first. Hah! And…I’m going to forego the tagging since most folks I know have already done this meme.

The third Fate dropped in early this morning with terrible news but she was a bit too late. I was already well on my way to recovery and her news only strengthened my resolve to get out from under this dark cloud.

Huge thanks to Doug and Gavin for the pick-me-up!


11 responses to “Enter the Fates

  1. I LOVE the tanning salon. A definite must on those gray Portland days! 🙂

  2. I’m glad this was a bit of a pick-you-up! I’m a sucker for the easy meme to get me going on the blog when I’m hard pressed for a topic.

    I was thinking about you guys all day today. I did a major revamp in my backyard over the past 2 days. I still need to get some annuals to put in, then I’ll take the after pics and post ’em all. I’m having trouble finding plants that I like to go under pine trees in 100% shade.

  3. Oh, and did I tell you my tan was from a salon? $40/month unlimited.

  4. That’s what friends are for – we were all wondering why the non-posting thing.

  5. Well, to further brighten your day. You are my hero. I just dug into the pickles and the tomatilla salsa. My sinuses are clear and I am having to force myself to just put down the condiments and step away. Cheer up. You are full of awesome!

  6. Wow. I’m truly touched. Yes, you and Mark are definitely at the top of the list of bloggers that I want to meet. It will happen, sooner or later. I’m so glad that I was able to be of help. I also bet that I’m one of your few readers who can make heads or tails out of your quote from Neurotoxic Properties of Acromelic Acid. (Have I mentioned that I was a biochemist before I got my current gig?) 😉

    I’m glad you’re feeling better.

  7. SAD is best treated with light not pills.
    Get a light box with 10,000 lux to it; you don’t need fancy add-ons, just 10K lux is fine.

    Tanning booths won’t work.

    You sit in front of it for half an hour, in the early morning. when you sit in front of it is a calcuation based on when you go to sleep etc.
    when summer sunrises start at that hour, then you merely have to go outside instead. turn off the box until next winter.

    PS- and you musn’t pay too much attention to Doug; he is full of wickedness.

  8. Oh sure. Tony gets condiments, what do I get?

  9. lazybythelake

    sorry to hear you have been sad. hope things get brilliant and sunny soon!

  10. Seems like many of us were hit with a depression funk after returning from NYC. The fact you realized your’s is S.A.D. is a good thing, one which you were astute enough to recognize and take action for. Hope you get that light box, and turn it around.

    I agree with Tony, as I have also received one of your magic boxes of goodies. You guys are full of awesome, and it was such a pleasure to finally meet you!

  11. I am so feeling your first paragraph. I have on of those light boxes. It’s so bright people at the other end of the hall have been confused by it, thinking the sun is out at my end of the corridor. I’m sorry to say though, that it doesn’t help all that much. I mean, it’s better than nothing, but I was so hoping it would really HELP, and was disappointed.

    Dude, that was the weirdest one of those book memes I’ve seen yet.

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