Phun Photo Phriday

I’ve been in CA for the past week and a half dealing with a couple family crises. I’m going to need a little time and distance before posting about it but figured I should post a phun photo before I lose my last three readers. So…without further ado I give you this wonderful door art I discovered in Brooklyn while attending the Blogger Gathering last month.


8 responses to “Phun Photo Phriday

  1. GREAT door/picture! one of my favorite things to do when I am in NOLA is walk around looking for all the secret doors they have there.

    oh and you’ll never loose this reader – you’re stuck with me – plain and simple.

    good thoughts continuing from me to you for the family stuff.


  2. Hopefully being home among the familiar will help you reset and get back to normal.

  3. Great photo. I need to get out more and take pictures of what weirdness remains in Boston before it gets gentrified over.

  4. Great door…reminds me of 1960-1970’s album cover art. I don’t take many pictures, mostly because I don’t have a camera to call my own, except the one with film in it.

  5. That’s such a cool photo. Welcome home, we’ve missed you.

  6. Thanks guys, its been a tough couple weeks and I’m doing my best to get back into the swing of things. There’s no question my life has changed and, going forward, it’s a comfort knowing I have friends like you.

    I’ll be dropping in soon to catch up with you all but know I appreciate your support. Truly.

  7. we appreciate PPP but please take care of yourself and yours, and send us posts when you can.

  8. Love the photo! Too good. And definitely phun. As for your readers, here’s one just hoping you take care of you and come through whatever it is with a good amount of your heart and sanity intact. Life is a bitch sometimes. We all drop out of cyberspace now and hten (like me, lately!). This is a tenacious group … you could be gone for months and folks would still keep clicking in to check. Not that we’re desperate or anything. Because we’re not. Desperate, that is.

    Hugs to you.

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