Northern Flicker

My favorite woodpecker, the Northern Flicker, makes regular visits to the suet feeder on the deck. I only wish I could catch a shot of him with his wings spread. They are a brilliant orange which you see hints of in his tail feathers.


6 responses to “Northern Flicker

  1. Absolutely FANTASTIC photos! We have flickers around here too but I haven’t been able to photograph any of them. I have a feeling you have a lot of favorite peckers!

    BTW, nice new pic in the sidebar. If I had met you when you had the beard, I would have been completely intimidated.

  2. My favorite bird since we moved to the PacNW. There are two that regularly drink water out of my water feature. When the male hummingbird isn’t chasing them away!

  3. Great photo! We get the occasional flicker here. Though mostly, I see downy or hairy woodpeckers and the occasional nuthatch.

    I am still keeping my fingers crossed that you get a picture of the owl!

  4. Gavin – You figured me out quick! And…the intimidation factor is part of the fun of having the big beard.

    T-Man – I’m not surprised, the rufous hummingbirds are aggressive.

    Tony – The hairy’s, downey’s, nuthatches and chickadees love that feeder too but they all wait until the flicker is finished. He’s been known to knock a few birds to the ground with that powerful pecker.

  5. Gorgeous pics! Really nice.

    But … judging by the pic, his work kind of seems repetitive and without purpose. Kind of like government work.

  6. I saw two of these in my back yard yesterday! they were so beautiful, but I didn’t know what they were, the funny thing is I stumbled upon these pictures by accident

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