Phun Photo Phriday

We’d just finished an incredible lunch when 10 paces down the street I noticed this sign attached to the building immediately next door. A multiplex? What’s that…a rat condo? The droppings literally covering the sidewalk answered that question.

Believe it or not…I’d eat there again in a heartbeat…it was that good.


7 responses to “Phun Photo Phriday

  1. I was kind of picturing a rat sized movie complex which a dozen screens and a little ratty concession stand.

  2. That is strange, nice sign…sorta makes you think it is the new movie rat theatre.

  3. That’s hilarious and disturbing – I’d go back too – depending! Where was it? If you don’t want to say here you can email me at yahoo

  4. Yes, where? I`d like to know too.

  5. This was taken in Brooklyn, NY just after a fantastic pizza experience. I have a pic of the amazing, fresh pizza around somewhere and will try to post it.

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