Yes, I Can…

…of course most of you know that already.

With the weather cool this weekend and the young green beans available at the produce market, it was lthe perfect time to make Dilled Beans. Early Saturday we set out for a quick trip to Sauvie Island to get the beans, dill and peppers only to find that there were no peppers. No problem…we’ll stop at the store on our way home and pick up some serranos.

Picking up the box of beans I noticed some beautiful blueberries and luscious blackberries that were just begging to be cooked up into a nice jam. Mark and I decided we could easily make a couple batches after we finish with the beans so we grabbed blueberries and decided to head over the hill to another farm for the blackberries. We knew they’d have the sweeter variety we both love.

As we went to check out I noticed some nice plump boysenberries and the thought of pie came to mind. Don’t ask me why since I’ve never made a berry pie in my life but it just sounded delicious. Never shop when you’re hungry!

Once we acquired the blackberries, we stopped at the local grocery where no peppers were to be found at all. Talking to the produce clerk we were informed that all the peppers were pulled due to the salmonella scare. Duh! With 15 pounds of beans sitting in the car…

a lot o' beans

a lot o' beans

…we weren’t about to give up so off we went to the nearest Mexican grocery. On the way we passed a New Seasons store and since they buy local we stopped in to see what they had. Sure enough they did have some local jalapenos but no serranos. We bought some jalapenos as a back up but continued to the mercado where we were happy to find serranos and habaneros. Eureka!

After a quick lunch we finally arrived home around 1:00 in the afternoon and a bit tired from running all over town but we jumped right in and started prepping.

I’d forgotten how long it takes to trim all the beans and cut them to the perfect size and that doesn’t even include prepping the garlic, brine, peppers, jars, etc.

Every time I looked at the flats of berries waiting for us to finish with the beans I started cursing my earlier enthusiasm. The beans could have easily waited a day but the berries had to be cooked up today.

What's Mark stirring?

We pushed on and about 5:30 we were ready to move on to the berries. We made four batches of black and blue jam, one batch of raspberry, two of plain blackberry, and one blue raspberry before finishing up about 9:30 pm.



This was our final result.

Whew…what a long day! I really enjoy canning but this was far too much for one day and I still hadn’t made my pie.

Place your orders kids!

Place your orders kids!

Sunday afternoon I finally got around to the pie and was surprised at how well it turned out. For a first attempt at berry pie, it wasn’t too runny and the flavor was outstanding. I somehow guessed right on the sugar and the berries were perfect, not too sweet with just a hint of tartness. And…the vanilla ice cream was the perfect accessory to such a lovely dessert. Mark and I both pulled the co-dependent bit where you keep mentioning how you could easily have another piece hoping the other would say “what the hell…you only live once” but neither of us caved. We were able to go to bed content in not having overindulged but certain to dream about boysenberry pie a la mode.


15 responses to “Yes, I Can…

  1. Oh my gosh! That pile of green beans.
    Wow. That was one long day!

  2. I am so mad-jealous of some of the things you two get to do.
    That all looks so fun and so lovely.

  3. You guys are so industrious!!! After reading that, I’m tired and need to go back to bed. 🙂

  4. Ohhhhh! Nice. Not only do the lovely concoctions look tasty, but I must say your kitchen is beautiful too! I am jealous. Your canned green beans are the best, I can still taste them to this day. Perfect amount of heat.

  5. God, you are industrious! If I ever manage to move somewhere with an adequate kitchen, I am going to have to try my hand at canning. As you know, my mother and grandmother both used to can. A lot. I don’t think we ever had canned green beans that my mother had not put up herself until I was a teenager.

    As for pickles….. well, you know how I feel about them.

  6. Yum, I made a Sour Cherry/ wild berry cobbler this weekend. I even used whole grain flour for the dough. I laid off the sugar only using a little.

    It is so yummy. The bf keeps eating all of it. I get home from the gym and just can’t….

  7. Damn that jam looks good!

  8. gorgeous everything
    (if I were lookin to be someones’ houseboy…)

  9. Looks yummy. I’ve done no freezing or canning so far this year. Time to get on the stick.

  10. OMG, you guys rock. I feel like such a slacker. Enjoy your beans ‘n berries. I mean …

  11. Those beans look interesting.

    Fritz and I can, and we also make maple syrup from our sugar maples. Next year when we’ve made the garden plot we really want at the new house, we’ll probably doing a lot more and I’ll be putting up my own tomato sauce.

  12. Oh wow, I am so jealous. not of all the work tho.
    We use to can when I was growing up. It is a lot of work. But we had the best veggies and fruits all year long.

  13. Damn..them thar is sure a lots of beans and berries. LMAO. OMG…someone must have had cramps in his arms with stirring all those berries and twisting all those jar lids to close position.

    How the hell are you Rodg? Know it’s been a while since you’ve seen me in your blog but good to be perusing the grounds again!

  14. I so want your kitchen. Oh yeah, the food looks great too. 🙂

  15. Being from the place where Blueberries grow wild, I’m just wondering where yours are from ?

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