Phun Photo Phriday


7 responses to “Phun Photo Phriday

  1. Mexico definitely needs to tighten its qualifications for driver licenses.

  2. If you put a hat on him, he’d look like some of the little old men I used to see driving around on Sunday in land barges. You know the ones. It looks like a hat is driving the car.

  3. in arizona we have cows behind wheels

  4. That is adorable.

  5. Rodger – thanks for the well-wishes – sorry I was so long responding though! And I love the photo – I didn’t used to like chihuahas but then one befriended me and I loves her when I visit her Peoples’ house.

  6. Why am I humming “Low Rider” by War right now? Cute pic!

  7. I hope you are doing OK; I miss you when you are gone from blog-land.

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