Take That Gordon Smith!

It was a tight one but ultimately the Democratic Senate Candidate, Jeff Merkley, unseated the bigoted Mormon Rethuglican Senator Gordon Smith in Oregon.

Fuck you very much LDS for all you did to defeat Prop. 8 in California. Consider this our little gift in return. We’ll be back….Gordon wont’!

4 responses to “Take That Gordon Smith!

  1. I’m all for suing the bastards for violating the separation of church and state and revoking their tax exempt status.

  2. I’ve thought, maybe wrongly that Smith was one of the more progressive Republicans, but maybe that party lurched so freaking far right he looked somewhat reasonable only by comparison to the rabid dogs that inhabit the rest of the party.

    Now I’m looking north to Alaska, where inexplicably, that state decided to reelect Senator Earmark despite his “convicted felon” status. Seems Stevens votes were most strong in “bridge to nowhere” city of Ketchikan and the suburban Methlab belt around Anchorage, outside the city itself. The most rural areas, the Aleut and Inuit vote, and the cities of Juneau, Anchorage and Fairbanks seemed to go for Begich. Why they’re still having to count votes is beyond comprehension.

  3. I am glad to hear this
    I am very angry at the Mormons right now, even more than ever.

  4. Good on you guys, Rodger, for flushing another regressive turd out of the system. And a very Happy Thanksgiving to you two!

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