Customer Service

Somebody lacking depth perception and ‘nose in’ parking skills creased the passenger side door of my truck in the university parking lot. TWICE! They must also lack insurance as they neglected to leave a note. Thank you very much, dickwad!

Yesterday my insurance company called to confirm a visit by the adjuster and left the following message: “There is no need to be present while the adjuster is evaluating the damage however, he will need to enter the vehicle so please leave it unlocked.”

Leave my truck unlocked and unattended in a major(?) city? I think the customer service rep. has been practicing her parking skills in the university parking lot.


4 responses to “Customer Service

  1. Maybe you should leave you keys for the adjuster too.
    I am surprised an insurance company would request you leave you car unlocked..aren’t they the ones who have to pay if it gets stolen??

  2. I was glad to see you posting
    I was sad to hear your news

  3. Sage – I know, right?

    I figured they’d tell me it was my fault for leaving it unlocked and then I’d have to pay the entire cost.

  4. Did call back and tell the insurance company to kiss your little pink star? Leave your car unlocked – pfssssst – idiots.

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