Well, duh!

Found this over at Prancer’s…er…Gavin’s place. Thanks cutie, for making my Friday!

You Are Dancer

Carefree and fun, you always find reasons to do a happy dance.

Why You’re Naughty: That dark stint you had as Santa’s private dancer.

Why You’re Nice: You’re friendly. Very friendly.


6 responses to “Well, duh!

  1. I just did this as well, but saw it on Farmboyz. I am Dasher, so I guess that makes us partners on Santa’s chain gang. I’ll sneak us some food, if you will bring along some good tunes for the long flight.

  2. Oh, and my blog address changed…

  3. I am Sheldon, Santa’s brainy reindeer who helps him coordinate lift off.

  4. Oh god. I’m Blitzen. Between this and all the wine we drank while I was at your place, I’ll develop a reputation as a total lush now.

  5. I am another Dasher. I’m not quite sure what it says about me. I mean, do I look like a trouble maker?

  6. Dasher here. I’ve noticed a plethora of Dashers amongst certain blog circles.

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