Snow Day

I decided to work from home today because I’m tired of fighting

a) people who don’t know how to drive in the snow and abandon their cars in the middle of the lane,.

b) people who don’t know how to drive in the snow and fishtail on straight roads because they have to answer their cell phone.

c) people who don’t know how to drive in the snow and can’t stop before rear-ending your car.

d) people who don’t know how to…oh you get my point.

It’s been quite the week with snow and sub-freezing temps keeping a tight grip on the city. Our snow usually melts the following day so having measurable white stuff on the ground all week is a welcome change and it’s supposed to stick around a while longer.


The down side is going to work when I could be home playing with Mac. He thinks snow is da bomb! And…when you’re throwing large masses of snow in the air for him to catch…


…it is!


I guess there is another downside to the freezing temps; the birds. I’m not too concerned about the Varied Thrush that summers in Alaska and moves in here for the winter.


My concern is the poor little hummingbirds that have decided to stick around here in the hills. These little guys have so little body fat and with such a high metabolism, require a lot of food to keep those wings buzzing. They seem doomed. Their frisky little relatives, the Rufous, head to Mexico for winter. Smart! The Anna’s winter over here but they usually stick to the lower elevations. Not this year. Sunday, we were forced into action, swapping out feeders for the three that decided to stick it out up here. Every hour we took down the frozen feeder and replaced it with a fresh one and it wasn’t long before they were simply sitting in the tree by the deck, 8 feet from the feeder, flying up to drink every ten minutes of so. I wonder how they make it through the night? I wonder if they’ll make it through the week?


The sun did make a brief appearance this afternoon and the view out the bathroom window, over the tub, had me considering a long soak. But alas…I had work to do and firing up the laptop while in the tub would put me in the same league as those people who don’t know how to drive in the snow.



4 responses to “Snow Day

  1. Oh what beautiful pictures. My chessie loved the snow too. I am hoping by the first weekend in Jan. you all have a warming trend. I will be there and I have no clothes for this type of weather.

  2. Wow, Rodger, your place looks like ours here in New Hampshire. I didn’t think that happened out there. Best of luck getting through it. At moments like this, Fritz and I usually stay in and start baking and preserving.

    Happy Christmas and I hope you guys have a great 2009!

  3. Yes, Yes, and YES on the PNW drivers. I’ve been holed up in my house until this afternoon. I only went out today because we’re apparently due to get MORE tonight, and again tomorrow, and I hadn’t shopped for xmas yet, being housebound and all.

    People, when you drive in snow, you seriously need to increase your damn following distance. That’s all I have to say on that.

    Love the pup pics. Batman is a real snowhound too. Loves the stuff. Mason, not quite as much. He gets real happy to go out and play, but then he gets cold mmore quickly than Batman.

  4. We had a minor ice storm here, and of course, the city becomes dysfunctional with two inches of snow. The problem today was a thin coating of black ice on the roads in some places.

    The problem seems to be a city that hasn’t decided whether it has a real winter or not. The policy for snow removal is solar energy.

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