Phun Photo Phriday

Got Snow?


7 responses to “Phun Photo Phriday

  1. This photo is hilarious…I love it.

  2. Mac looks embarrassed. What a great photo!

  3. Mac looks so cute in that picture. Greetings from New England.

  4. i probably love snow as much as mac does. i know maisey dog would be right there with him – she loves to try and catch a good snowball too. thing is – we never get snow in atlanta. yet another reason to move from this place!

  5. Happy Hound !
    It is possible we will get a pooch in February – I hope it is a good one like yours.

  6. Great photo! I’ve got one up of Mason, our big brown dog, with snow on his nose too.

  7. Happy New Years!! I will be in portland tomorrow but my schedule just got hectic. Vancouver tomorrow for a wedding and castle rock saturday for a funeral…I wish I had a moment to spare to meet you guys. NExt time I will though..I will make a PNW blogger meet up fun.

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