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Phun Photo Phriday

Obama towel

Obama towel

This beautiful handmade dishtowel was the star attraction at the Obama Inauguration party we attended a few weeks back.

Touch of Gray

Yeah…it’s been a while…but the SAD hit early this year so I went into recluse mode until the anti-depressants kicked in. Nothing serious…just the usual winter doldrums that are easily kept at bay with a little wellbutrin.

Not much going on these days which leaves me uninspired to blog. I did receive some mail today that gave me a good laugh though. I received a brochure and coupon for a free bottle of Touch of Gray. Now being a blonde, even one whose hair is fairly brown these days, I have never found a gray hair on my head. Sure, I have plenty of gray in my beard, some in my chest hair and more than I’d like to admit elsewhere but, Touch of Gray isn’t going to touch those parts!

I may be getting older but I sure as hell don’t feel old and I’m definitely not giving in to the marketing scheme created by those that do. I don’t need to die my hair or pre-join AARP just because I’ve passed the big four five. Nope…it’s not going to work with me peoples…at least not until the wellbutrin dries up.