Touch of Gray

Yeah…it’s been a while…but the SAD hit early this year so I went into recluse mode until the anti-depressants kicked in. Nothing serious…just the usual winter doldrums that are easily kept at bay with a little wellbutrin.

Not much going on these days which leaves me uninspired to blog. I did receive some mail today that gave me a good laugh though. I received a brochure and coupon for a free bottle of Touch of Gray. Now being a blonde, even one whose hair is fairly brown these days, I have never found a gray hair on my head. Sure, I have plenty of gray in my beard, some in my chest hair and more than I’d like to admit elsewhere but, Touch of Gray isn’t going to touch those parts!

I may be getting older but I sure as hell don’t feel old and I’m definitely not giving in to the marketing scheme created by those that do. I don’t need to die my hair or pre-join AARP just because I’ve passed the big four five. Nope…it’s not going to work with me peoples…at least not until the wellbutrin dries up.

7 responses to “Touch of Gray

  1. I’m all about the “Touch of Bald”. I have more than a touch of gray in my beard. More like I was seriously bitch slapped, but I like it that way. (The gray, not the bitch slapping)

    It think they are just trying to fight the whole silver fox phenomena.

  2. I haven’t found gray hair yet either…I think us blonds get the delayed gray, we go from blond to brown to gray.. Although my hair magically turns blond again every 2 months.

  3. I was pleased as punch to see you posting again.
    I have missed hearing about you.

  4. Sorry to hear you have been down. Like Spo, I’m glad to see you posting. Also, I find it very sexy when guys discuss their chest hair.

  5. The only time I’ve dyed my hair is to go platinum blonde. Oh, those were the days!

  6. its been a blah jan/feb here too. i started an ssri myself but not so much for SAD – trying to use a little lexapro to help me kick the cigarettes.

    good to see a post and know things are ok you’re way. hey, do you guys like sesame seeds?

  7. Oh. So that’s the secret to SAD? And to think I’ve been going it without the Wellbutrin. I’d go remedy that, but I just don’t have the energy…

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