Little Pricks

My hands are full of little pricks…can I trade up for one big one?

It’s not what you think…I’ve been spreading barkdust without gloves. Stupid move. But the beds look wonderful and are producing beautifully.


Purple Bearded Iris

The bearded iris are going crazy…


We’ve had a great surprise this year. There are gorgeous alliums popping up all around the yard and they weren’t planted.  I know the birds had something to do with this as well as the unusually cold winter and warm spring. This perfect trinity has filled the yard with these beautiful blooms…


Their color is a much deeper purple than this and I hope to capture their true beauty tomorrow.


We leave on vacation in a week and I’m almost sorry I won’t be here to see the changes but, if the weather holds out, the garden will give us a spectacular welcome home.

8 responses to “Little Pricks

  1. God, how I love Irises. Those purple ones are beautiful, and the allium colors look stunning.

  2. lazybythelake

    beautiful. i swear sometimes you guys live in paradise.

  3. I was pleased as punch to see you posting!
    These pictures are gorgeous. I used to grow these items and I miss them.

    Yesterday, I made a jam cake using jam you all sent me. The cake was delicious: I thought of you two.

  4. Beautiful flower pictures. Irises here are just reaching their peak of bloom. I hope you both have safe travels and a wonderful trip to Italy. I’m looking forward so seeing lots of pictures. Hugs to you both.

  5. Very nice…I love all those flowers

  6. Great photos! I am still trying to get my head back in gardening mode. Maybe this weekend.

    I hope you and Mark have a fantastic time in Europe. Take lots of pictures!

  7. Oh purple! How pretty!

  8. Iris are a great favorite of mine. Fritz has some that are such a deep purple that they’re almost black, and others that are a genuine imperial purple. Yours are very beautiful.

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