I came home early Friday to join Mark and his cousins, Nancy and Nancy, for day 1 of the second annual Pickle-athon. Two Nancys and two nancy boys putting up 100 pounds of pickles in two days. Work has never been so much fun and the fruits (or vegetables) of our labor stay with us all year.

Working the Cukes

Working the Cukes

Every time we make potato or macaroni or tuna salad or simply slice a pickle as a side for sandwich or burger, these two days come streaming back. I relish this new, old tradition. And yes….the pun is intended.

Afterward, a wonderful lunch at La Superior set the scene for a nice siesta before a text from Brenda announced it was time to head to Washington Park to watch Violetta die of consumption. Pickles and opera…what a day!

Saturday we were up early to finish the pickles…

Saturday pickle prep

Saturday pickle prep

…and by 1:00 that afternoon, “The Nancys” had 94 quart jars of pickles and 4 pints of spears for those small gatherings.

The Nancys

The Nancys do Pickles

A quick burger at Helvetia with the girls and it was time for a few pictures before labeling the jars and saying our farewells. We’re already looking forward to next year’s pickle-athon and who knows…maybe we’ll fill the island…we only need about twenty more jars. I think that’s a worthy goal.


7 responses to “Pickle-athon

  1. I was pleased as punch to see you posting !
    I stop by frequently, hoping…
    and pickles! you can be proud of your industry.

  2. Very nice..I love a good pickle!

  3. I’m trying to find a way to tell you that your pickles are very tasty, but it always comes out sounding like a double entendre.

  4. That’s a lot of gherkins, lol.

  5. Always the homemaker! LOL. Hey handsome man!! Hope life overall has been treating you well. Hugs! I need to read some blogs when I have a moment to get caught up on the lives of some of my old blogging buds!

  6. I discovered your Rev. Bill’s Vacation Bible Camp art car photo on Google. I just saw it in San Francisco this weekend, so I thought I’d stop by and say howdy.

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