Getting Old Isn’t For Sissies!

Two days after Mark broke his leg last April, I ended up flat on my back in severe pain. With lots of stretching and strengthening it started feeling better but never 100%.  Lately it’s been getting bad again and I’ve been walking around like I have a yardstick up my ass. Comparatively, I’d prefer the yardstick!

In addition to the back pain, my knee has been bothering me but I just chalked that up to the way I tuck my leg under my chair at work. Sometimes it throbs, sometimes not, but it is always tender to the touch.

So, I decided to go to the doctor.

Diagnosis for my back: muscle spasms in lumbar region with potential disc or nerve damage.

Diagnosis for my knee: bursitis, fluid and potential cartilage damage. (must be all those alleyway blow-jobs of my youth coming back to haunt me)

Treatment for both: physical therapy. I would have preferred pharmaceuticals and kneepads!

If the PT doesn’t fix me up, imaging is the next step. I don’t like that idea because it usually leads to surgery and I’ve had enough surgeries for one lifetime. The up side: I’ll be using the same PT clinic as Mark so he’ll have a workout partner. Of course we’ll probably fight over who gets the nice icepack.

Getting old sure isn’t for sissies!


6 responses to “Getting Old Isn’t For Sissies!

  1. PT does wonders. good luck
    and do some stretches!

  2. omg rodger! i had what may be the exact same thing happen to my back last november. it was lumbar related and part of my right thigh went partly numb and has never fully come back to un-numb. i did the pt all of december then started the gym with a trainer in january. i have slowly worked on it and yesterday was able to dead lift 120 lbs.

    a few things i know now for sure:
    –the office chair is your enemy
    –pilates and yoga moves are your friend
    –a trainer may be as cheap as a pt copay (mine is) even though it sounds extravagant
    –doing hoola hoop circles, 5 in one direction and 5 in the other, several times a day helps loosen things in the lumbar
    –the bonus of going to the gym to build up back strength is you build other muscles too and get all quasi-buff

    i’m really sorry to hear you are having this trouble because i know what a pain in the lower back AND ASS it is.

    e-mail me if you want to know more about my saga with it or some good pilates moves!

  3. You’re not old, you’ve just caught a couple of bad breaks. PT can really work–mine after breaking my ankle a couple of years ago worked wonders, and quickly, too. Hang in, Rodger, my fingers are crossed for you.

    PS-do you sit with your leg placed oddly under the chair, or do you sit with your leg under you ON the chair. I used to sit the latter way many years ago–big mistake.

  4. E – believe it or not…the office chair has been a luxury, it’s my only pain free zone. I was worth the 2k they paid for it. Fortunately, my insurance covers the PT 100% so we’ll see how that works out and go from there. I’ll be in touch for tips if it doesn’t.

    And…why aren’t we getting pictures of that quasi-buffness?

    Will – I sit with my foot between the legs with the wheels and against the center support. My knee and ankle are bent 90 percent of the time. I need to learn to keep my feet flat on the floor.

  5. I feel your pain. I had steroid shots in both hips for bursitis last Monday. Feeling better though!

  6. >I would have preferred pharmaceuticals and kneepads!

    You don’t already have kneepads?

    Seriously, feel better.

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