Have a Happy!

Malibu Ken, celebrating 21 years atop our consumer conifer, wishes you all a happy “family drama day”.

Go easy on the cookies and fudge…swim suit season is just around the corner!


7 responses to “Have a Happy!

  1. I hope you had a great holiday. I only had a little bit of family drama today.

  2. Hope you and Mark had a lovely Christmas!

  3. well, first i coveted the weather station. now it might be the malibu ken tree topper.

  4. stinko
    I go off line for a few days and you sneak a post in.
    I am glad to see you posting!
    I thought of you when I recently had some salsa you once sent me.

  5. How the hell did I miss THIS?! Love Malibu Ken! Finally that bitch Barbie isn’t stealing his spotlight.

    Catching up from my hiatus. This was perfect.

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