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I took this picture at an Obama party shortly after he took office…and ran across it tonight while cataloging photos.


UPDATE: It turns out I actually blogged it as a Phun Photo Phriday. Spo’s comment really hit the mark.


Like Homer here…

I was planning on showcasing the fabulous desserts he made for us last week but Mark beat me to the punch.

So I’ll share these shots of Homer at Multnomah Falls eating the ice cream that ruined his self portraits…

And posing all pretty like…

He can be very obedient.

Phun Photo Phriday

Would you buy a used car from this man?

Follicle Fun

With all the nice weather we’ve been having lately I was considering taking the beard back to a goatee for the Summer when a friend asked what I was planning for the St. Johns Bizarre. The bizarre being a “Keep Portland Weird” event, I replied “I was thinking of shaving half my beard.”

Having not seen my chin in a full 8 years, I needed a little liquid encouragement to actually do the deed. So, Friday night, with the help a nice 20 year scotch, I pulled out the clippers and attacked my face. Leaving me with this…

What I didn’t plan for was living with my weak chin once I shaved the other half of the beard.

Oh well…there’s always scotch!

It’s Starting…

The annual migration of plants, from indoors and various plant sales, are starting to hit the deck. Due to a late cold snap, some will have to stay in the house a bit longer, like these beautimous Rex Begonias.

But others are just waiting to be transplanted to larger pots where they can roam freely, and many perennials are just waking from their winter slumber.

Spring can be very long and wet here in the Pacific Northwest so having even the littlest bit of color lifts my spirit. And…fortunately…the annual Master Gardener’s Sale is the first weekend in May. Unfortunately, I seem to have a problem keeping my money in my pockets at a plant sale. So, I should have a fantastic looking deck in about a month and if the rains stop about the same time…I’d be happier ‘n a coon dawg on a bare leg.

As my father so colorfully puts it.